Revolut more like Curve


How about making Revolut mimic other cards like Curve?

Curve is slowly becoming my no 1 card.

I don’t want Revolut to be left behind!


Out of curiosity, what features does Curve offer that :r: doesn’t that makes you use it as your main card?


Curve allows me to dump all the cards from my wallet and it mimics all of them.

Via the Curve app I can say be my Santander card then when I spend on the curve card it is as if I’m using my Santander card. Then in the Curve app I say be my Revolut card and again when I spend on the same Curve card it’s as if I’m using my Revolut card. This means that I never need to have more than the curve card in my wallet.

No charges and no fees.

So now instead of having 7 cards in my wallet I only need 1.

Apple Pay coming soon.

It doesn’t mean I use my Revolut account less. It just means I don’t physically use the card anymore.


I follow Curve, I see the appeal, but I still can’t figure out a business model. And wouldn’t a functionality like this be limited to EEA customers with cards issued in the EU, meaning only cards with capped and regulated interchange fees could be added?

It sure would be possible to limit such functionality to a certain area, but I can’t see how that would fit into the bigger picture of Revolut becoming available worldwide.


I get what you are on about, but with Apple Pay/Android Pay i really don’t see how they will survive.


I used to carry 7 cards. Only 3 worked with Apple Pay.


holy cow… 7? I don’t even carry that many in total, including my id, public transportation cards and so on.


Business and personal cards.


Curve: “We’re hoping to support Apple Pay in the near future (in 2018), although it’s not on the immediate Curve roadmap. We will also look at supporting Android Pay further down the line.”

This is even more vague than Revolut.


Curious how that would work for end users. Would it be a better experience to have many cards adding in Curve, or just add more cards to Apple Pay and skip the 3rd party system ?


Curve can have the advantages of reducing the cards number. But Revolut does not charge fx fees like Curve does.
Two different types.
But I agree that if Revolut could also include the ability to add other cards to the “portfolio” then I would need less cards in the wallet.
Until then I’m still using my Revolut for all different than EUR transactions :slight_smile: