REVOLUT MONEY VANISHED I have sent €4600 to a beneficiary which has vanished


I transferred a large amount of monies 18 days ago and despite talking daily with revolut customer service I have made no progress in tracking down the money. I have been told that the transfer was done via a local payment and therefore it cannot be tracked. How can this be? Surely there must be some protection for your customers? I have had to repeatedly check details with the beneficiary and there bank, it has been confirmed that they have not received the payment bit is it being processed and they are shocked that revolut are unable to track the transaction.

Has anyone had any similar experiences?
Can someone please offer me another suggestion or can revolut do their job and find my transaction.



Hi Darnques,

I made an international wire transfer and the money has also vanished. This is over 3 months ago. I have basically been told the money is gone and Revolut are taking no responsibility. I hope you have better luck than me…



Hi Jodie, how can this happen? Have you sought legal advice on the matter? I have made a complaint to the financial ombudsmen. I am considering contacting public media because this can not keep happening to people. If I don’t get the money back I will be unable to pay for my wedding.



Just to double check: did you fill out Revolut’s formal complaint form? You can ask support to escalate your case and provide you the link to the formal complaint. (Sorry for the hint if you’ve already done that.)

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Hi Frank… I have not completed the formal complaint form but have repeatidy expressed my dissatisfaction. The matter was escalated to management but their response was unhelpful and did not differ from what I was already told. I will complete the form…thanks



I didn’t think it could happen but it seems that there is many other bank involved in a bank transfer and if all deny liability there is not much you can do.
I have considered getting a lawyer but the amount transferred ($1,400) probably means I’d spend more fighting it than I’d get back.

I strongly recommend you lodge a complaint to the financial ombudsman like I have

I am also considering going to the media. Revolut are getting a lot of positive publicity in Ireland so a few papers and radio stations have expressed interest. New age online bank losing money during basic wire transfer on young couple is an interesting story for many who ‘don’t trust’ these new financial institutions. I used to think those people were old fashioned and silly. Turns out they were right!

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Absolutely shocking, I hope you managed to resolve it, I also think that some Compensation is due.



After losing 62k British Pounds of savings when I switched banks 3 years ago (one of the major UK banks to another) noone ever could trace it down… I can’t be surprised anymore. Note: Revolut wasn’t involved in this.



@davidmanch, did you get the money back? If not, did you complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service?



I didn’t. I have 2 open cases with the FOS. My solicitor is dealing with the same. It has been a nightmare already without the funds. I bet noone will ever compensate. I am desparately trying to escape from the old-fashioned banking system and I hate making normal BACS if there isn’t a Faster Payment option enabled. Honestly, I feel better with having Revolut in my pocket now.



@davidmanch, the sending bank is liable to compensate you. Regulation 91 of the Payment Services Regulations 2017 (which is the UK’s enactment of Directive (EU) 2015/2366) states:

(1) This regulation applies where a payment order is initiated directly by the payer.

(2) The payer’s payment service provider is liable to the payer for the correct execution of the payment transaction unless it can prove to the payer and, where relevant, to the payee’s payment service provider, that the payee’s payment service provider received the amount of the payment transaction in accordance with regulation 86(1) to (3) (payment transactions to a payment account).

(3) Where the payer’s payment service provider is liable under paragraph (2), it must without undue delay refund to the payer the amount of the non-executed or defective payment transaction and, where applicable, restore the debited payment account to the state in which it would have been had the defective payment transaction not taken place.

(8) Regardless of liability under this regulation, the payer’s payment service provider must, on request by the payer, immediately and without charge—

(a) make efforts to trace any non-executed or defectively executed payment transaction; and

(b) notify the payer of the outcome.

If the payment was sent before this legislation was enacted, then it might be subject to very similar provisions under Section 75 of the Payment Services Regulations 2009.

Has the sending bank proven that the receiving bank received the payment? If not, and if the FOS are dragging their heels, you should instruct your solicitor to issue a County Court claim against the sending bank. As the amount is above £10,000, it won’t be in the Small Claims track, and you can recover your legal costs from the losing party.


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