Revolut + MobilePay = 😍

Seems that in the last couple of days Revolut have started working with the danish mobile payment solution MobilePay. :heart_eyes:


I wonder if anyone has tried any other regional payment methods like Swish

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Garmin Pay started recently too.


I just tried with Vipps, the Norwegian equalient. Does not work with Vipps.

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Equens Worldline recently launched a new proxy lookup service for P2P. It’s designed to connect national fragmented P2P payment systems. The European wide SEPA proxy lookup is managed by the European Payment Council itself, and implementation of service providers was supposed to start early in 2019.

Hopefully, Revolut considers adopting it.

What a shame that there weren’t any official news about it! Thanks for pointing out!

Yeah, same thing happened with Google Pay.

:r: seems afraid of announcing things these days, but this at least deserved a twitter post…

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It will take them a week or more just like the auto-exchange blog post,
if they even communicate anything…

And Fitbit Pay is working :slight_smile:

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Work in what kind of way? Tried to use my revolut card in the MobilePay app with no success

It only works with newish MasterCards

Occurs to me but do you have a visa? All of this stuff seems to only work with MC.

I do only have virtual visas, but my Metal card is Mastercard

Oh alrighty. How do you rate the metal card? :stuck_out_tongue: Thinking about upgrading!

In my opinion the metal card is nice, but scratches easily. After half a year of use it has a lot of scratches. Studying in the US, the metal has paid for itself just in terms of the cash back. Had I lived in Europe however, I’d not have gotten it due to the lousy cash back rate.

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Should go give Revolut a bell in the thread I just posted in.

I suggested the following:

  • Calculate cashback monthly based on total spent in a month
  • Within the EU have a £72 cap and 0.5% cashback
  • Outside of the EU have no cap and the normal 1% cashback
  • Remove Russia and other non-EEA countries from the current 0.1% cashback zone

I think this’d make it a lot better.


I’m not exactly sure Revolut has anything to do with this. I am able to add my N26 card to MobilePay as well. I reckon MobilePay only checks the BIN, and both my newer Revolut and N26 MasterCards have Danish BINs. Or, it could be a sign that Revolut is partnering with some Danish bank. I would really love to have local account details so that I could make do without the top-up and do instant account-account transfers, which are less than 10 seconds between the Danish banks.

It might have been a change in how MobilePay checks the cards numbers. Revolut MasterCards uses “Account Numbers” which is the 7th and 8th number in the card number. This indicates the country.

A local danish bank have nothing to do with the cards they issue. The cards are not issued by a danish bank.

MobilePay requires a direct agreement with the card issuer that circumvents the fees that are normally imposed by MasterCard or Visa. Revolut has to have had a deliberate connection to MobilePay to be able to offer this.