Revolut mobile app - Home page

Hey everyone! :wave:

Sim here from Revolut. I’m looking to get some feedback on our app :nerd_face:

What are your thoughts on Revolut home screen on the app?

  • What’s the information you’d want to see first when opening your Revolut app?
  • How do you find the ‘Suggested for You’ section on home screen? What’s good or bad about it?

Cheers and thanks for your input! :rocket:


Hi @Skrb and thanks for reaching out.
It could be a difficult one to answer to be honest since many subscribers have almost as many reasons for using the app in the first place.
The ability for a subscriber to adapt their home screen to suit their use case would be awesome.
For example, my use case is mainly concerned with currency conversion when the FX rate is beneficial (GBP to EUR) and to have that on my home screen on opening the app would help a lot.
I’m sure others will have other views based on their use case.


Thank you @Graham_Lees, we’re particularly interested in those individual cases like yours. Thanks for sharing.


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Suggestion: Show account balance in sales display as well. When I want to check the transactions, I want to see the account balance on the same screen and not have to switch back and forth.


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Home screen could show a list of connected accounts and balances.




Allow more than 1 transaction visible on home screen, or an expansion button, to view a few more.

Transactions, transaction screen and merchant info needs some work:

Transaction entries use too much of the space available, scrolling through seems more extra than it should be.

Make the entries smaller and designed better, and reduce the date segregation space so it isn’t so apparent.

Maybe even an option to turn of merchant data/icons all together to tidy it up.

Analytics needs to include refunds/payments in/credits into account from non bill splits to be applied so spending is more accurate (or if we could allocate to a payment).

Ability to split transactions into multiple categories would help.

Overall font in app could possibly be a little smaller.

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OTOH that might impact people with sight issues…


I worked this out. Such a long winded process.

I needed to head to analytics, tap the category I needed to review, then tap add transactions. Then search for said transaction and link to another transaction.

Would change this massively if could just do this from the main transaction screen, and just an option to link to another transaction (refunds prime example). :pray:t3:


Option to amend freely or to match device settings would be good. Then accessibility is variable to suit the user opposed to a one size fits all


That’s how it works on iOS. General device settings affect the text size of Revolut’s app.

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Just had a look and does change it a little once everything is moved to smaller font and display size, but then looks too far apart on everything.

Spacing still needs some work.

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Can you move the images on the front page to align to the left of each segment.

Looks very out of place.

And also when I like something it can’t align or centre the heart to the background unless it’s designed in that way :pray:t3:


It would also be great for the Linked page to list all my accounts by balance, and I can tap into them and see what the transactions are Vs the other way round.

Noticed Starling Bank has disappeared from it having reported issues the other day, I hope it returns.

To have the option of Linked incorporated in the home page too would be nice, just to see all accounts and balances from app opening.

Give clear full visibility of where I am at.

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Yes looking at FX rates quickly would be nice.