Revolut Metal, Is it worth it ?

Hello All,
I was one of the fist adopters of :r: at that time Revolut had a drive to increase their customer base and gave people/Me a referral link, IF one managed to get 5
(I think) people to obtain one, That person would receive a free upgrade, I know I exceeded my quota and despite my protestations I never received my upgrade.

Moan over:
I only use my basic card when I travel/Autobuy/Crypto,
For those people that use ‘METAL’ is it worth the rather high cost.?
I don’t need a concierge IF I did I’d use Amex, I’m a seasoned traveller, so I know ‘what’s what’

Your advice/comments would be most appreciated.

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Except having a metal card there are no real benefits.
Forget about the insurance, concierge, cashback

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Cashback is only not garbage outside Europe.
Insurance has a high excess, so claims in some country would be less worth than paying it out of pocket
Concierge is bad anyways, regardless of anything else!
Free atm withdrawals you can get without a limit from other cards
One free airport lounge a year isn’t great. If they had 2 a year for free at least you could get one trip a year with your lounges covered
The discounted device insurance should be included into the premium and metal packages, but you only get a 20% discount on the weekly price. On top of this the excess is high and it doesn’t even cover theft.

Overall? Not worth it unless you’re outside of Europe , I’d say. Get your insurance with someone else at the very least!


I think it is fair to say that, like most things that are a bundle of services for a subscription like Metal, each person has to weigh up the benefits versus costs. So each of us will get different mileage out of these services. If absolutely the cost is the overriding factor in your choice of product, you may find Revolut Metal to be more expensive than purchasing each item separately from different suppliers.

I am a Metal cardholder, and am based in the United Kingdom. I paid my annual subscription of £120 up front. Paying it monthly is more expensive.

  • I use my card for all of my day-to-day expenses. And that earns me between £2 and £4 each month in cashback. That cashback effectively discounts the subscription cost. If I travelled extensively outside of Revolut’s “Europe” then I would earn much more cashback; as you’re probably aware the directives of the EU have curtailed the opportunity to earn cashback on cards. Those same rules do not apply in Africa, the Far East, Middle East, Australasia, and the Americas. I don’t tend to travel that far and wide.

  • You get one airport lounge pass each year with your subscription. It’s worth somewhere between £20 and £25. You can buy additional lounge passes inside the Revolut app for £24.99. It’s a few taps on the screen and the money is deducted from your Revolut balance. Simple.

  • You can have free additional physical cards on your account delivered anywhere in the world within 3 days. Get a second card before you travel and pack it in your suitcase; then keep it in the hotel. But worst case, if your cards are stolen while away you’ll get them replaced quite quickly.

  • You get free virtual cards, and a free disposable virtual card. These are very useful for online subscriptions, and (the disposable one especially) for one-off online purchases.

  • There are insurance products for travel delay and medical emergencies. These cover you worldwide. But you need to check the conditions to ensure they are available where you live, and they provide cover that suits your needs.

  • You can draw up to £600 (or equivalent local currency) from ATMs. I draw very little cash here in the UK as cards are widely accepted so this does not benefit me. But some places around the world tend not to accept cards as widely, so this may be of benefit depending on where you go.

  • Let’s not talk about the concierge service too much. I have never used it myself; but anecdotally few Revolut users appear to be enthralled by the service.

  • You get a 20% discount on their mobile phone insurance. Just check it meets your needs like all insurances. As @Recchan points out, it does not include loss/theft of the handset. The excess is £70 for an iPhone.

  • Oh… and you get a very smart metal card that looks and feels great.

In my mind if you use all the services then it represents pretty good value. If you want to cherry-pick services and insurances (or the bundled ones do not suit your requirements) then it may not be as useful to you. It has worked well for me this year.


Worth noting some users have said it might be worth seeing the walk-in price for the lounge as this is cheaper regularly enough to bother checking.

Note that some countries Revolut for legal reasons is unable to pay money to, and that they will not cover you for countries that either the World Health Organisation or Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice against either all or all but essential travel.

They also have a “fair share” clause which means if you have travel insurance with Revolut and elsewhere that you’re applicable for cover on, they will only pay half.

Also note that it covers multiple countries (from when you leave to your return home), but nothing over 40 days.

Worth noting “equivalent in local currency” isn’t actually equivalent, I think someone mentioned in RON it’s not even £500 all things considered.

I think my OnePlus 5T is £35.

Also note for this they don’t insure devices over 6 months old.


“Equivalent” does not refer to different base currencies here. It means when your base currency is GBP, you can withdraw up to 600 GBP or this amount in any currency. If a UK customer would want to withdraw RON, the equivalent amount to 600 GBP would be his limit.

(What you’re referring to is that different customers in different countries have different limits in their local currency. The limit for EUR customers for example is also 600, and 600 EUR do not equal 600 GBP.)

I’d give this topic a scan too if you haven’t already - How can we make Premium/Metal 10x better?

I cancelled my metal, again this morning I tried to use it and the contactless wouldn’t work. In the ~1 month I’ve used it:

  • Help was no better than the free account - they claim it to be priority - I was told false information about downgrading and it took ages to get someone to respond through the chat in the app
  • Not being a real debit card it didn’t work on recent flights (British Airways)
  • Contactless often doesn’t work and in the same store it’ll work the next day
  • Concierge is worthless, better offerings from existing cards like yourself
  • 1 “free” lounge pass and then it’s more expensive compared to going direct or cheaper to buy through Amex lounge club. - The ad I read didn’t suggest it was 1 free and no discount.
  • In this month there’s been two separate occasions they’ve had technical issues where payments would fail and the app was broken - I’m not including the times I believe it was just contactless

When contactless failed I didn’t resort to pin, I just used another card. In fact including the flights I always used my Amex. People usually assume this is accepted in far less places but it’s proved to be more reliable .

The cashback etc doesn’t outweigh the annoyances I’ve had trying to use it on a daily basis. I suspect I’ll leave my account to die. I did downgrade to the free account.


One of the good things is the unlimited transfer limit, but you can get it with premium as well, so other than the concierge or the cashback… you are basically paying for the cool card…

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Really? Never had any trouble from a British merchant in regards to not accepting Prepaid debit cards (besides Uber who require a full debit to be on file too!)

Metal blocks the signal iirc, you’ll need to do it in a specific way.

That’s intriguing as I purchased two business class flights to Austria via British Airways website without issue, charged to Revolut.

I’m sure you’ve figured this out, but the metal of the card affects the contactless feature. You must face the back of the card (which is made of plastic bonded to the metal front) against the terminal to enable contactless to work. Of course you may just have a dodgy card. I’ve never had an issue since I got mine in September.

Maybe @andysimcoe meant that the card didn’t work on board a flight as the card was prepaid, not the booking process itself


Agreed. I misunderstood @andysimcoe’s post.

Exactly. The card does not work where a service code configuration is necessary that allows offline payments. The card does not carry an offline limit.

This seems not to be a general problem. When the card is positioned with the plastic back towards the reader, it works very reliable for me. If you can rule that out, you might have gotten a faulty card. That happens, even with plastic cards everywhere.

Just used mine on an Easyjet flight from AMS to MAN, no problem. OK so I only wanted a beer at £4.50 but my premium card used contactless and it worked fine.

Maybe I wasn’t clear, by on recent flights I mean actually on the aircraft.

And thanks both, I am aware of the card and using contactless but it still doesn’t reliably work for me.

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that’s really interesting. I am having my Revolut Visa on File and it works flawlessly. There is just always a booking of 1$ when the card is being charged, but this is reverted in a couple of hours. A couple of seconds later the real amount is being charged to the card.

I have MasterCard revolut in Uber and I works without any extra fees/ pre booking :thinking:

Both Uber rides and eats

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