Revolut Metal card ?

Hi ! I would like to know if the metal card is a mastercard prepaid like the other premium cards or it’s a mastercard world elite.

All Revolut cards are prepaid debit cards.

I’ve just ordered my metal card and according to the BIN number (527346), it’s a real debit card (no prepaid) unlike the premium and free cards.

BIN databases aren’t reliable. Try different databases, some will say France and some US as county of issuance for example. Prepaid is printed on the back of the card itself.

Until :r: gets its banking licence it can’t be a real debit card.

Sure it can. Transferwise operates with the same e-Money license and their card is a real debit card. It’s not just about Revolut’s license but also about the underlying banking services the product is built on.

I am not saying that it would have been a good business decision for Revolut to do so, I am just saying that it would have been possible.

And a banking license is also no guarantee that Revolut is switching to real debit. I would appreciate it, though.


Hey, you questions is answered here

with many other common questions.

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I’ve posted this somewhere else too. Seems the Metal cards have an « extended » BIN of 8 characters. My card is a Switzerland one, not France or US. I proved this by trying to add the card to various Apple accounts I have. Only my Swiss apple-id would accept the card (tried France, UK and US with no Success)
Hope this helps

I don’t think BIN checkers are reliable at this point. They rely on third party data, BIN ranges are “recycled” and it takes some time to propagate. Like the change of a DNS server configuration. Only slower.


True. I don’t know where they get their data, but one things is certain. Whatever means Apple use, they only accept my Metal card for my Swiss apple-id. for my U.K., US and French accounts, I get an error that says credit card is not valid for this country. So my conclusion is that either everyone’s Metal card will be Switzerland (unlikely I think) or the bin is subdivided as say, and I get. Swiss card because I live in Switzerland

I’m no expert though…

How can you tell it’s a swiss card? I don’t see Switzerland on your screenshot.

Apple also has to use a vendor for the data.

I can imagine two things: Revolut indeed gets ready for Apple Pay and they use a similar approach for it like N26, where they also use number ranges to identify countries, I believe. That’s a wild guess but then it would make sense that Apple uses the same information already to identify a country. (Do N26 cards work for iTunes customers in other countries than Germany? I remember having read they do.)

And second, in case a BIN does not deliver reliable data about a customer’s country, they use AVS to check the billing address of a card. In this case, they would get Switzerland because your Revolut account is registered with a Swiss address.

As I know, Revolut uses 8 digits BIN for its new cards
So same 6 digits BIN might be actually spread for more countries. first 6 are all seen as France but adding the 7th and 8th might reveal something else.

I can confirm that the Metal BIN also was accepted at the German iTunes Store. That’s good news. Bad news: e-commerce transactions need to be activated. I would have preferred to have them disabled for physical cards.

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I was using Apple to work out the country. They accept the Metal card for CH but no other country, ergo it’s a Swiss BIN…

However I did a bit more digging in and got this 8 character BIN


I read somewhere that the big issuers we’re running out of 6-character BINs so needed to extend to 8-characters…

Prepaid Platinum Level sounds fancy. It’s like a Gold Standard Mc Donalds Burger. Or Volkswagen Golf, Bugatti Edition.


I am surprised that nobody discussed the font choice yet. :wink:

It seems to be the Futura, a 1927 design that influenced the Bauhaus design language. It felt like an odd choice in the beginning. But it grew on me.


Since we’re speculating about BIN ranges of the new Metal card:

I was surprised that a German ATM wanted to charge me 4,95 for a withdrawal with the Metal card.

I checked the price information, and they say this is the fee for German cards that are issued by a competing bank. For international cards (like other Revolut cards), there is no such fee.

So the ATM identifying the card as German would explain this.

(As far as I know, 8 digits BINs aren’t implemented yet. Mastercard uses a different approach, called “account ranges”.

Ouch. That’s bad. Really bad.

This means you can’t withdraw for free in Germany because basically you have a card from a “competitor” :man_facepalming:
Unless revolut will have a partnership. Otherwise…
That’s a problem…