Revolut Metal Benefits During Covid-19

So I’ve been a Metal customer for quite some time, I’m outside of contract.

Given the significant limitations on travel and such, the perks of metal have significantly diminished.

According to this, and given the global travel restrictions imposed on most, the following can’t be used:

  1. Overseas medical insurance
  2. Delayed baggage & delayed flight insurance
  3. LoungeKey Pass access
  4. Free lounge passes for your and up to 3 friends if your flight is delayed >1 hour
  5. Generous top brand discounts with Perks Plus — I note most retailers have vanished now due to closures.
  6. Get access to a concierge to help you manage your lifestyle – most restaurants, theatres, hotels are closed.

So the restrictions are significant, I asked support if a temporary freeze could be placed, and they said no, I can downgrade and re-upgrade to a new 12-month contract later. This seems quite unfair.

This feedback is hoping Revolut takes a better position with regards to Metal customers, especially those outside of the contract because once I downgrade I won’t be signing a new 12-month contract.


Yeah, I’m paying for 3 months of nothing currently and it’s pretty annoying

Revolut should step up like other financial firms have


My Metal plan is going to expire in a few days - and I am not really going to renew it.
Mostly because of the things you have already explained above, but more likely because Revolut didn’t really add any interesting features and kept bad/useless services in the plan.


I hear you! It’s such a shame Revolut are not working on making the Metal benefits better generally as well.

It’s really frustrating that during the COVID crisis Revolut are not communicating with us about what’s happening to our benefits and the limitations being faced, unlike other financial firms who have stepped up as Recchan said. How financial firms act during times of crisis demonstrates a lot about whether you can trust them moving forward, and I’m now reconsidering my loyalty because of this and other issues.


I think it would be useful to have less fee during this period (to keep the existing Metal Users and to get new ones). Another option would be to have some new feature or to increase the card’s cashback to 1% (which is 0.1% in the EU). I wrote it in another topic earlier that Concierge is also not used by most of us… Would be better if Revolut simply save money with that and provide something else. Im also okay to offer my 0.1% safe savings if I know that Revolut could use it to improve the services or to implement new ones.Btw, I’m satisfied with the service and overall, happy with Revolut :slightly_smiling_face:

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How did you even make contact with them ??? I’m metal customer and priority customer service dose not exist .

That’s odd… I do have a few issues with Revolut at the moment don’t get me wrong, however, they have always been immediate with me over chat, I never wait more than a minute or two. You may need to see why your account is facing issues as it’s not normal to have to wait so long. Good luck!

Hey… the thing is unless you can get into the app you can’t get to the chat option…

I have had to go via the biz app to make contact… then explain that I’m blocked at the 4 digit code part of gaining access to the app…

They have sent me email to try reset code. (Did not work.)
Then said sorry we having issue with the app.
Can’t sign in can gain access and as a metal account I can’t even get to a person about it…
they simply refuse to call me with regards to the issues and how that might be impacting me as their customer… it would be laughable if it was not people’s money they are messing with… jokers with no answers and it’s obvious they don’t care to take ownership of their failures in the chat I have had… going to close it down as the metal plan is nothing more than extra charges but no extra service

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This should be taken more seriously by Revolut making money off people who have been temporarily or permanently lost there job seems extremely unfair especially considering all the money they are saving from reduced inquires & no insurance claims. This could be used to reduce the monthly fees


100% with you on that - I’ve decided I’m just going to go ahead and cancel at the end of this current month, as Revolut evidently has no care for their customers during unprecedented times.

I am not saying I don’t support the general idea that Revolut could wave fees or something like that in this current situation. But I don’t think Revolut is saving much. The Insurance company is. Revolut has an insurance group policy and probably pays a fee per customer. This fee per customer for the group policy doesn’t change whether or not customer’s make claims against the insurance. It’s the insurance compnay’s risk.

Right now that insurance company is making a hell of a lot of money in that case given the significant fall in claims! If Revolut hasn’t negotiated lower rates to their travel partners during the current crisis, then I’d be very surprised.


I certainly agree with this. As the situation develops, we have seen a rise of support from the big banks, such as mortgage holidays and credit card holidays.

The least Revolut could do is half the price of metal and premium.

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I’m still waiting for more than 4 days to get my account unlocked. I feel like been treated by amateurs and this will have a wrong turn.

Well that’s that! I committed to my downgrade now and back as a regular user for the first time in years. It’s such a big shame that Revolut hasn’t handled the COVID situation appropriately. At the very least, they should have allowed temporary suspensions without the need for users to re-signup to a new 12 month contract when starting it up again. I truly am gutted about the direction Revolut and Revolut for Business have gone recently, having been such a huge fan, it’s very much gone down hill.

is 12 months the minimum contract to get a metal card?

unfortunately it is, @Eimeric