Revolut mastercard transport london

I have a revolut mastercard and do not works in london transport but my girlfriend have a visa revolut and works fine with london transport anymore have the same problem?
(I have more of 10£ of credit in my card)

Hey @Rncc0304 :slight_smile:

This has been greatly debated in the forum, without great conclusions. Perhaps you could discuss with the :r: support team the chance of getting the exact kind of card as your girlfriend if you know firsthand it works :wink:

I try but they told me they can confirm if i order new one they send me visa i cant choose

Hey @Rncc0304 :slight_smile:

That’s too bad. Maybe one of the forum moderators can help you in this case (but I’m unsure) :confused:

Hey. How are you trying to use your card to tfl? As pay as you go or trying to top up your oyster card online?