Revolut marketing, please make it count, it is so easy and will tripple your growth


Revolut has 1-2 years max to establish themselves as a ref player and become multitenthbilion company before real competition kicks in so i am very happy to hear that they are about to rise 50 mios of cash

i hope at least a part of it will be invested in promoting Revolut, get on marketing seriuosly

A. please make Revolut a bit more cool to use, i.e. sign packages (aka Strategic Partnerships) where you get discount for buying this or that with Revolut Card, or there (thats easy and costs nothing). Traveling sites are perfect for that, they are so competitive they will give you 10-20 percent discount just because you direct the flow

B. to tap into different communities try to find the product that you can buy exclusively only with revolut, how many users will you get if next visit of Cirque de Soleil in Poland or Tel Aviv or some Rihana concert in London you get a chance to do 1 day early booking with Revolut. Concerts are perfect examples cause people travel to different countries to see their gods.

C. Take another step in making a physical transfer:
Allow me to Send Money to people who have no Revolut with Revolut card and get yuou a new user.

I want to send my mum 500 EUR from England to Lithuania, she does not have revolut, let me send a loaded debit card via app. I just enter her address and name and load the card and you get a new customer, i have sent the money, and my mum is happy.

you can be bigger than FB if you sprint now

stop sleeping, nobody needs 8 hours


Marketing is important, but what Revolut is (rightly) working on at the moment is the engineering and growth portion of its product. A lot of incredibly exciting features down the pipeline.


Yes, i know that, but they need very little to promote the great product that it is already beeing great

See it like this

  • Cocacola is NOT the best soft drink
  • BigMac is NOT the best burger
  • FB was NOT the first social network
  • Iphone specifications are NOT the best there are
  • SNAPchat is NOT the best filter app

what makes those names great is the scale, they need to invest in more rapid expansion, x2 a year is not good enough


Sveiki @civas ! Thanks a lot for your marketing and user acquisition ideas - they are great and totally inline of what we’re planning to do. Thanks a lot for your support and loyalty!


Finally someone said that! That is exactly what I think of Revolut: awesome product but seriously struggling with marketing.
It seems The main issue for you is how to Activate the “sleeping” users:
Here’s what you should do:

  • Clean up your “product shelf” and make them more clear & understandable for average consumer. Believe me – cryptocurrency Is not the most relevant topic for most of the consumers who got your card in the juice bar
  • Target different audiences and their needs, several simple researches can help to investigate what is actually important and what is not. As well what you should talk about.
  • Gain credibility- become a trusted leader in certain areas with help of PR. I did my own small research and guest what – still looks shadowy for 25-30 young professionals.
  • Gain trust a company through social responsibility.
  • Gain more publicity via influencers & engaging PR.
  • Make it fun and it will become viral! E.g. limited design cards from famous designers. Should be cool to show your Revolut!
  • Give simply understandable value: get back with % from purchase, someone gets back money for your purchase (lottery principle) or double the amount for withdraws (as well lottery) or collect your Revolut miles.
  • Give experiences for the premium customers: eg free gadget insurance or travel/luggage insurance or bought item insurance.
  • Give even more experience for the regular ones: become a festivals or concert area sponsor and give extra tickets or for youth/special areas or etc experiences. Contract will not be so huge as you think :wink: As well it’s a great opportunity to give away more cards for additional acquisition. Give special discounts in coffee inns?
  • And etc etc etc…
    Just the quick thoughts without any background or data but It can be done so much more!!! I believe that Revolut has a bright future but has to move faster in winning the hearts of the consumers.


Hi - many thanks for this!! Have you checked any of the positions at to join us? :)) Thanks again for the input!


oh great some people think alike, my thoughts exactly

get serious with marketing, get pros people, marketing people are cheap and in the abundance, this thing can explode, product is good enough now getting too crowded with functionalities

at the current valuation / active user base spending couple of buks to acquire more users would get valuation thought the roof, get thins thing to SNAP IPO level at least


I did just now and unfortunately no marketing positions. Anyway - interesting :wink: