Revolut Maintenance 23-08-2023 📱

Hey Revoluters :wave:

At Revolut, we are committed to providing you with a seamless and exceptional user experience. To ensure we continue to deliver on this promise, we will be conducting essential maintenance on our systems :pick:

Maintenance Details:

  • Date and Time: 23 August, 00:00 to 6:00 BST (British Summer Time)
  • Affected Services: Temporary disruptions while using your Revolut card and various features within the app, including the <18 app.

We’ll be working hard to reduce any inconvenience. If you need help urgently during this maintenance period, reach out under this topic – we’re here for you. :hugs: :rocket:

@Mariana_Rodrigues I Community Manager
@SG.Mandal & @Veda.Ramesh I Community Specialists