Revolut-Maestro cards [NOW WORKING]

Unfortunately, starting Sept 14th, 2019, I cannot top-up money in my Revolut account using my ING Austria Maestro debit card.
It used to work perfect in the past, but now the payment is declined.
I called the bank, but they pretend everything is fine on their side. Any hint about the reason(s)? Thank you.


Did you contacted revolut’s support in app?

I didn’t even know that you can top-up with an Maestro card. The FAQ also just mention MasterCard and VISA as supported cards.

Also when I try to top-up my underlying Maestro and AMEX are being shown as unsupported.

Perhaps they changed it with an update?

Revolut allows to add Meastro for top-ups but did not allow to actually top-up? Very weird strategy. I would ask support - wtf.

Same problem!
Starting on last Sunday I cannot top up my Revolut card with a maestro debit card issued by an italian bank. My bank’s customer service told me that this is a Revolut problem. Is it possibile to solve the issue? Many thanks.

Yesterday, I contacted Revolut Support and they pretended that the transaction is declined by the bank without a too detailed reason.
I just noticed a Revolut app update and once completed, it now works flawlessly again. So, might’ve been something odd with the Revolut app.

Are you an iPhone user? If you try to top-up your Revolut account with Apple Pay you will see all your Apple Pay compatible cards including your AMEX cards but you can’t use them to top-up.

If your Maestro card is Apple Pay compatible you will see it there, too, but chances are your issuer disabled online/in-app purchases (you can use it at physical points of sale only). I have a Maestro card on Apple Pay which works exactly this way.

Online purchases must be enabled on your card AND the CVC/CVV/CV2 have to be printed on the back of your card in order to top-up your Revolut account directly with your Maestro card.

EDIT: Some fellow Italian Maestro cardholders found out that removing and adding again your Maestro cards should do the trick and the cards started working again.

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delete the card and add again the card, it should work.

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Well, the cards integrated into Apple Pay and since you can top-up easily with Apple Pay you can choose your card.

I think you replied to the wrong person. :sweat_smile:

you are right! Removing and re-inserting maestro debit card now It works!

I’m sorry :sweat_smile:

This line fooled me into thinking you were trying to top-up via Apple Pay with unsupported cards. :thinking:

Hey guys,

I am new to revolut thing and please help, I live in Austria right now and I have got Maestro card. Can I use it to top up ? (some posts say yes some say no, so I am confused :frowning:
I have online banking as well and there is SEPA too, but no idea what this mean :pensive: so bad at this kind of things

I would really appreciate your support

Only if the card has the card number, expiry date, and CVV printed on it. (like Revolut’s Maestro)
If it does you could also use it to pay online in general.
However, most banks issue Maestro card only with the
IBAN (for Austria it would be ATxx xxxx xxxx xxxx) of your bank account.
Those cannot be used to top up.

SEPA was created to standardise EUR payments across all participating countries.
Generally, it’s your “normal” bank transfer where you use the IBAN and the name.

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You sure about that? When I try to enter my Maestro card number it will tell me after the 6th digit that this card is not supported. Maybe :r: removed Maestro top-ups?

As a side note the original post of this thread was about paying with a Maestro card not about doing top-ups with them. Maybe a new thread about Maestro top-ups would be better…

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You can top up your Revolut account through a SEPA transfer.
You can find your Revolut IBAN and BIC in the EUR account details in the Revolut app.
Use this to create a SEPA transfer from your regular bank.
Your Revolut account has a GB IBAN, but it will accept EUR (and many other currencies), even though your bank may suggest that you do a GBP transfer instead.

Thank you so much for your answers.

Goodday, I ordered my basic card which is Maestro in the Netherlands. Not one ATM is accepting the card but I am able to pay contactless in shops. A friend has no issues but his card is a mastercard. In another country I was able to use a ATM (South Africa) but could not pay in a shop. What is going on here??? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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My guess - local NL banks refusing to accept foreign maestro cards in atms?