Revolut-Maestro cards [NOW WORKING]

Non-UK users can get a standard mastercard. It’s the only thing they let me order. I want a Visa because I’m going to Spain soon and some ATMs are cheaper in Spain with the Visa card.

UK banks actually used to issue Maestro about a decade ago but switched to issuing visas instead due to the better consumer protection that they offered at the time. I think this was before the mastercard charge back scheme.

I’m also relatively sure that at least in the UK, Maestro is still accepted at most if not all merchants, partially because we used to issue them and we’ve just never gotten rid of the technology and partly because we’re quite close to Germany/Austria/Netherlands etc

Switzerland is a country which uses Maestro a lot as well. There are even shops which accept Maestro and V-Pay (both debit cards) but don’t accept any credit cards because they bear higher fees for the merchant.

This it sometimes true for Germany as well, I even had merchants there which did only accept German Maestro cards and not the ones issued out of the country.

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They weren’t accepting Maestro!

In Germany there’s a local payment scheme called GiroPay. The shops would have been accepting that, as all German cards are dual (normally Maestro/GiroPay)

I am waiting for a possibility to order maestro in other countries…


I’m also waiting for this!

hehe, I dont (need/want Maestro). My bank offers those for free (you pay only for renewal after expiry). I dont see any point having Maestro in my country :slight_smile: Also I dont travel to Germany/Netherland/{insert-any-other-maetro-loving country here} often. :slight_smile:

I do

My bank doesn’t

I do, because maestro works here and in all the countries near mine (such as Ireland, Germany etc)

It will be nice if it will be accessible as an additional optional card to order everywhere. In next month I am planning to go to the Netherlands, so I must take as backup V pay from my bank. In this bank, I need to pay a high fee for currency exchange. I would be happy to pay half of this costs for :r: :slight_smile:

I second that: ability to chose between Visa, MasterCard and Maestro to Revolut clients located everywhere.


I have tried to withdraw cash with my Revolut Maestro-card at the three major banks in the Netherlands (ING, ABN-AMRO, Rabobank), but did not succeed. I have contacted their customer support about this, but they all refer to Revolut. @AndreasK, could this be investigated?

I am able to do purchases, both tap & pay and pin & chip and I also can withdraw cash at an ATM of SNS-Bank with my Maestro-card.

My Maestro card was not accepted two times in Germany at small shops. I don’t know the bank behind the first machine. The second was from “Sparkasse”. It was possible to pay with my ING Maestro. They don’t accept Visa/Mastercard so I ordered a Revolut Maestro for these shops - but it seems to be useless at the moment

If you’ve got a German account with ING, you’ve got a Girocard / Maestro Card with it. You most likely tried to use the card at a merchant that only accepts Girocards. So a Maestro only card without Girocard functionality won’t work there.

Girocard is a national debit card system in Germany and different from Maestro.

Thanks a lot!
Didn’t know there is another difference between Maestro and giro
I had a look on my ING but there is only a Maestro Logo?!

I just took a look on the ING website - the card should have girocard written on it. That indicates that the card also supports the Girocard network.

German Maestro still doesn’t work with Apple Pay. When can we expect the issue to be solved?