Revolut-Maestro cards [NOW WORKING]


friendly bump I’m interested as well. This will allow me to refuel the car as most automatic pumps fail because Revolut’s Mastercard is a debit card, not credit.


Revolut blocked the merchant code for automated gas pumps. As far as I am aware, there is no evidence that this merchant code isn’t blocked with the maestro card. So I am not sure if this would be a solution in your case.


I have a UK account & travel to Europe frequently but my normal Revolut card isn’t accepted at various merchants, but especially Holland where it’s all maestro - so I would like to order a second Maestro enabled card for my account.
I’ve been waiting for a “live agent” for hours now (as usual) to order one - is there faster, more efficient way to do this or do I have to spend all day staring at my mobile waiting for an agent?


You tried the obvious way, I guess? Cards section, then “add physical card”. When Maestro is available for you, it should show up there. When it’s not available there, I don’t know if support can do anything about it. It’s worth a try, but I am skeptical.


Yes, I’ve tried that - it doesn’t say weather Maestro is available or not.

Edit: OK, finally got an agent & this is the info I got:

Maestro is not available to UK users, so we can’t order one. As my Revolut card is a Mastercard one, I asked if I can order a second card for my account, but a Visa one - that way when ever I’m in Holland or any other EU country that doesn’t accept the Mastercard one I can use the Visa one instead. Believe it or not, I was told that the card issue process was completely random, ie: I might get a Visa or I might get a another Mastercard - there’s no way for UK customers to choose which card they get!
I find this VERY hard to believe. Basically, it’s pot luck weather I get a card I can use in certain EU countries or not, or weather I get the same card that I can’t. Unbelievable.

It seems to me that UK customers are getting a bum deal here, as people in other EU countries not only get a choice of what card they can get, but also they get the Maestro card which is accepted in (pretty much) all of the EU.

Why? :worried:


This is how it is:

Maestro: only available in certain countries

Standard design: either Mastercard or Visa, “random, depending on availability”

Premium/Metal: Mastercard only

The assumption that customers outside of the UK can chose between Visa/Mastercard is only true, if randomly, the Standard card is a Visa card. And this changes outside the UK as well.

At one point in the future, they want to let the customer chose.


That’s what I said.

That’s what I said.

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Please, don’t post the same statements in a different format, it’s not very helpful at all.

I asked “Why” in the hope that someone at Revolut would explain.

Thanks anyway.


I posted this because of your assumption the situation for customers outside UK might be better, Maestro aside. It’s not. Revolut’s official statement here is that “availability is random, but we want to make it possible for customers to chose in the future”. Nothing has changed since they said this a couple of months ago. :wave:

(It is relevant that Premium/Metal is always MC because in the case the app shows a standard Visa, one can pick a MC that way.)


This is a thread about Maestro. I’m posting about Maestro.

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You brought up the question about optional Visa cards here, and that there is no way for UK users to choose.

They can’t. (Only if the standard card is randomly a Visa. Then they could choose by picking a Premium/Metal card.)


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To be fair, non-UK users can’t get a standard Mastercard. But yeah, they can technically still get a Mastercard via Premium/Metal.

No other bank in the UK issues a Maestro card, for the same reason Revolut probably has…it’s not worth it. Most places in the UK and most parts of the world do not accept Maestro.

Only Germany and Netherlands have a large acceptance of Maestro so it’s just not worth the hassle of being Maestro to the UK. Please note, only a FEW EU countries can get Maestro from Revolut, the UK isn’t the only one.

I mean, you’ll rarely use the Maestro card unless you travel to Netherlands and Germany at least once every week or so (and if you do, you are rare).


Well, now we can in Czech republic get Mastercard for free… but it used to be Visa.


That’s why I want one. My work takes me to Holland several times a year & sometimes I’m there for a month or two at a time. Maybe it is rare, but it would still be nice to have the option so I can use my Revolut card while I’m there.


Oops made a mistake. I meant most places in the UK and the world do NOT accept Maestro lol. Edited for clarification.

It’s a nice option to have but it’s not worth the licensing for a small handful of people.


From the beginning of 2019 :austria:'s biggest bank (Erste Bank) starts phasing out Maestro cards and replaces them with MasterCard debit cards. :slight_smile: I am wondering when :r: will stop offering Maestro cards here…


Don’t think they would, no. They want you to use their cards daily not just for abroad.


Maestro card does NOT work in the USA!

I have tried about 8 different vendors and none of them accepted Maestro. (Chip and pin). It is however possible to get cash from a few ATM’s but again, quite limited. I would certainly not recommend Maestro for anyone travelling to the USA. (I used to have the Revolut MasterCard but lost it. That card was working fine in the USA).


Well if you want to pay with Maestro you should head to Germany,Netherlands,… Maestro Cards aren’t very common in the USA which means many shops simply didn’t support them.
Still Maestro Cards work in general.


A small handful of merchants support Maestro in the US. Heck even places like McDonalds doesn’t accept it. You’ll be going to the ATMs a lot more with the Maestro card around the world.

This is why Revolut and N26 gives German users an option for Maestro, Visa/MC or both.

Card declined in USA