Revolut-Maestro cards [NOW WORKING]

No, not really :frowning:

What happens after you click on “Karte mit einer Gebühr von Fr 7 hinzufügen”…? :wink:

ahhh yeah now it works, thanks :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome.
The second card should be Fr. 7.— for the card and Fr. 7.— for standard delivery => Fr. 14.— in total.

(BTW, the normal prices for the first card are: Fr. 0.— (card) and Fr. 7.— (delivery), so Fr. 7.— in total.)

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That would be really helpful - I travel to Netherlands every week for work and without maestro it’s really inconvenient

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Something I noticed is that I can’t change the PIN on my Maestro card at the ATM.
I tried several ATM’s like Bank Cler, Postfinance, UBS and Migros Bank.

I cannot order a Maestro card because I already have a Visa and Mastercard linked to my account and I dont want to get rid of either. I already contacted support but they just told me that this is the way it is. Its inbelievable that revolut offers 3 card types but only allows you to use two of them at a time, please fix this and allow Maestro as a third card.


@DeltaX: Probably a Maestro “thing”. Did it work with you Mastercard and/or Visa? (Did you need to try at several banks as well?)

Yeah, I had succsess with the Mastercard. I’ve changed the Mastercard PIN at the UBS ATM.

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However I am still hoping for a dual card as that could solve the problem of having three card but only use two

Where are the cards issued?

Did you have the possibility to withdraw EUR?

Not necessarily. When checking Mastercard’s guidelines for merchant fees, Debit Mastercards and Maestro cards are in the same category.

The problem is that with credit cards you cannot withdraw EUR in CH :frowning:
All banks are blocking this feature, with Swiss bank cards you can surely withdraw EUR (because than they can charge you their exchange fees) :rage:

I have called my bank and they said it’s disabled for all credit cards, but maybe not for real debit cards (maestro)?

Any experience from Swiss users?


well not with a revolut-card, BUT with a TW-card: to make sure everything works, I “activated” it (first use) at a postfinance-ATM; I draw some CHF, but had the option of withdrawing EUR; not sure if with DCC or without (bc I have several EUR-ATM on the other side of the border)…

As the TW-card is real-debit and EUR-withdrawal was activated - I guess they’re right…

Mmh, I dont have the option if I use my TW card :frowning:

did you try with a postfinance-ATM or with “normal bank-only”?

Is the maestro card also available for users in Belgium? Would be very useful here. I can’t check it out as I already have 2 physical cards. Because I’m a premium user, the sent me a new mastercard, but if a Maestro card was available, I would give up my original/free mastercard.

friendly bump I’m interested as well. This will allow me to refuel the car as most automatic pumps fail because Revolut’s Mastercard is a debit card, not credit.

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