Revolut-Maestro cards [NOW WORKING]

(edit) The Maestro cards are working now. :sunglasses:

(Currently, Dutch, German, Swiss and Austrian account holders can also order Maestro cards as an option.)

(Activation at the cash point, contactless Maestro payment at LIDL)


Same problem in Switzerland. Card doesn’t work. Been in contact with support via Twitter DM. Hoping for a quick resolution.

(Thank you: I forgot to mention the Swiss account holders. Edited my original posting.)

Same problem here in Germany.

The Maestro cards are working now! :sunglasses:

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Started working in Switzerland too.

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Hey guys. We’ve fixed the issue. Please keep us updated if you experience any issues using your Maestro Cards :slight_smile:


Hey @anon33247966 I would like to test the Maestro Card too. Could you add one to my account? (Can’t do it myself since I have more than 2 cards…)

Funktioniert nun gut. Aber die Icons / Logos der Geschäfte wie Aldi, DB usw. werden in der Umsatzliste nicht angezeigt.

I’m also interested in having a Maestro Card too, cause I travel to the netherlands frequently, and that’s the card most accepted there.


We should have an option for UK customers to have a Maestro card. I already have too many Mastercards, it’s not ideal.


Maestro erhöht die Akzeptanz aber es ist besser mit MasterCard zu zahlen wo MasterCard Akzeptiert wird

Weil Revolut mehr verdient?

(Markus said that it is better to pay with Mastercard where Mastercard is available (than it is to pay with Maestro). – I asked him if it is because Revolut earns more with Mastercard payments.)

The Maestro Cards is not in all countries available. It is also not a test or beta but some countries that use Maestro a lot where it is possible to order one. (see post#1)

I also hope that we’ll be able to choose between Visa, Mastercard and Maestro when ordering a card in the near future :crossed_fingers:


At the moment thr app dies not allow you to have 3 cards. But they are working on it I hope


How can I order the maestro card? Is this card free? I’m from Switzerland btw…

You can only hold 2 physical cards per Revolut account. So, if you already have 2 cards, you cannot order a 3rd.

That said:
Do you have just one or two phyiscal cards in your account?
If you have just one, there should be an option for Maestro while ordering phyiscal cards.

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I only have the Standard Revolut MC.

What happens when you go to the “order a new phyiscal card” area of the App?
Are you able to order a Maestro card for €12 (or CHF-Equivalent)?