Revolut lowers the FX limit to certain people to 1000Eur

I checked all my friends and they have 6000 limit and to push me to become paid subscriber they lowered mine to 1000.Totally discriminatory in my opinion

All customers with the free plan are supposed to be affected by this. The limit is a rolling limit, so the reset date is different. Did you check with your friends if their limit resets on a different day? My guess is they will all see a lower limit once their limit resets next time.

Still the same, some colleagues have 6000 limit while I have 1250 and the period already ended for them too since. So there is something else going on.

I really fail to see the benefit behind this decision .Did they really have more people buy the Premium package instead of using friends and relatives to do the conversion?Maybe what they wanted was to show to investors they have a bigger resgistered database of grandparents now.

Now there is a top up limit and certain cards not working at all to top up.

Revolut shows the wrong limits on their pricing page for certain countries? It shows FX limit of DKK 1000 and HUF 1000 (basically nothing).