Revolut links on contacts

How to I remove all the links to Revolut from my phone contacts? How did these get created? What did I accept that set these up?


Same problem here.
I don’t think you accepted it since you likely have an Android 5 phone (like me J3 Galaxy).
What is worse, I deleted all those double contacts.
Then when I logged into Revolut, they re-created themselves again, some did at least.
So I deleted them again (what a lot of time lost…) - and they “re-created”.
Weird duplicates, even my “phone balance number” duplicated as if Revolut wanted to send funds to this “contact”.
Then I moved to Android 6 phone. A little bit better, but far from perfect:
Settings / Apps / Revolut / Permissions (and there you delete contact permission) - but even if you do this, you will get nagged to allow permission for contacts when you relaunch the app (not always but sometimes) and you might just inadvertedly click allow. I nearly did.

Pretending that you want to send money to all your phone contacts is just absurd at best.
They should really stop doing that.

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This is a first. Usually these problems come from my the user’s ignorance. Yes, you are correct this is an android Samsung 5.

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Today, I have uninstalled Revolut from my Android 5 device.
The duplicates in contacts just drove me crazy.
I have a hard time even pressing the right contact buttons to make a phone call, because everything is duplicated. Revolut has virtually wrecked my contacts list. And it wrecks contacts lists on any Android 5 device.

I also recommend NOT to allow Revolut to access your contacts on Android 6 (at least on Android 6 you have the option).

Sucks that users need to buy a new Android 6 phone if my J3 is just 6 months old and an excellent phone.

New? Android 6? Android 9 is around the corner. Your phone cant be six months old but must be the 2016 edition, maybe you bought it six months ago. Last year’s J3 comes with Android 7.

I bought it on Amazon.ES August 2017 for 90€. So OK, point taking, its 9 months old.
And it’s still on sale in Carrefour for about the same price.
What problem do you have with that?
Refrain from comments that don’t resolve the issues raised.

This is a public forum, you are not to tell people what they may comment.

Yes, you might have bought it nine months ago but the phone is still two years old, so - naturally - not quite as “new” as you made it look like.