Revolut limit


I am extremely disappointed with the service i have received from revolut.
I was not aware of the 25k per year limit on the account.
I added funds to my account which i can see have been received by revolut but am not allowed access to them since i am not verified.
I am contacted support multiple times for 5 days but have not received any help.
I am a premium customer and have been treated terribly with no sign of my money.
I have uploaded the required documents but heard nothing for 5 days.


If i don’t hear anything in the next 24 hours, i will be contacting the financial authority for lost funds.


Please can you help me?
The funds are of significant amount.


I am in the exact same boat. I made a transfer a week ago into revolut, but it has been pending ever since. I got one reply from a human after 5 days to say she had escalated it to customer services! Then nothing since.

I too am going to complain to the FSA if they don’t sort this out soon.


Yes, exactly the same with me. A human replied saying they will escalate the problem.

This happened after 3 days of making the transaction.

Nothing has happened.


Please help us.


I’m having the same issue, the Top Up limit was 15000€/year, was promised my issue will be escalated and now I’m stuck waiting without a reply from their support for days.


The main reason for using revolut was to transfer the money quickly. They have frozen my money with no word from customer support. I have lost so much business as a result of this.
I am a premium customer as well.
I am angry and disappointed that others are in the same situation as me and we have been given no explanation.


It is not good enough to say that support is busy due to demand. If you are happy to accept money coming into revolut, then you must have the infrastructure to maintain and support your customers.
Highly unprofessional and quite frankly dangerous.
Who will compensate me for my lost business?


same here ,2 weeks since transferred 4000€ and no one know where is my money , support not available …


Hi there. Apologies for the delay. Could you please let me know if your case has been escalated to compliance team?


AndreasK, thank you for replying.
My god, first contact from the team.

I had an agent say that my case was being escalated. Her name was alina.

This was 3 days ago. Nothing has happened and I have heard nothing.



Once you eventually make contact with revolut. They are extremely friendly and fast.


It hasn’t been. It’s already 3-4 days and my 8000€ top up is still frozen without a reason, haven’t been able to contact a live agent for 3 days straight even though I have a premium. Is Revolut having liquidity issues?


Hi there. We are sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have responded and resolved your query. If you need anything else, please let us know