Revolut launches in Serbia! 🇷🇸



What is that mysterious “bump me up” thing?

Probably you need to invite to get bump up.

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Can’t wait to finish registration process :grimacing: :nerd_face:

When we can expect that to happen? :slight_smile:

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We will have to wait… but good that they noticed us.

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So far more then 1600 people from Serbia is registered for beta testing. Beta release is also available for North Macedonia and Montenegro.

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Any news about Western Balkans as when the official beta testing starts? We are very excited and I’m sure lots of people here would love Revolut as other commercial banks are quite old and their apps buggy. We definitely need a refresh and theres no better option than Revolut!

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I hope that with Revolut North Macedonia will finally get Apple Pay support.

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The National Bank of Serbia NBS announced on its official Twitter account @SrbNarodnabanka regarding the alleged arrival of Revolut service in Serbia that no one from that company had contacted it and that obtaining its permission is a precondition for Revolut to provide services in the Republic of Serbia. We can only assume that Revolut is currently just feeling the SRB market to see what and how much interest there is, so if it sees interest, it will certainly ask permission from the NBS. I sincerely hope that Revolut will soon officially start supporting Serbia.

Will Revolut come to Serbia?
  • Yes
  • No

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Just a waiting list but not actually usable, or?

Just a waiting list for now.

I hope this will happen realy soon. Momently around 2000 people from Serbia is on a waiting list.

I just want to ask you @PoelieV if Revolut is really coming to Serbia or is this beta testing just some kind of market research? I would really appreciate you giving me some answer purely to know that i would not have false hope about coming Revolut to Serbia. Thanks

hope is delayed disappointment

I agree…
But are you sure that Revolut will not come to Serbia or are you just guessing?
What then is the point of this beta testing…why are they kidding with SRB peple who have already registered?

I had a look in my crystal ball, placed some tarot cards, I even watched some coffee grounds and I can assure you Revolut will not come to Serbia.

Thank you for great answer :+1:

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Tell me then @PoelieV what’s the point of this Revolut Serbia beta testing? Why are they doing that if they don’t have intention to start supporting Serbia? Thanks

I just threw my rune stones and they are telling me Revolut is doing this, just to annoy you.

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