Revolut launches in Australia! 🇦🇺

If it’s like the European version, I’d assume they would send you Euro via a user-to-user transfer and the balance (in Euro) would instantly appear in your Euro account rather than through the banking system.

You could then make the exchange to AUD in app.

I haven’t seen the Australian offering either, but wouldn’t assume it would be too much different.

good catch. i forgot about the most basic way to transfer if the other person uses :r: as well.

I’m toping up via ING and don’t see any fee, I’m also paying for a premium membership though

I have a UK Revolut converted some GBP to AUD and then attempted a transfer to an Australian bank account (the ATO direct credit account to pay my taxes), it’s been 10 business days and the money has not been received and the app won’t let me cancel the transfer. Please help!

I have just created by (Australian) account… Is there a PDS I can get? It’s now clear to me that I have to put in $25AUD first before I can even use the account, but what is the cost to/if I can even withdraw this directly without fees?

What is the cost for what, sorry?