Revolut launches in Australia! 🇦🇺

At the moment, Australians users can only top up their accounts with bank cards. However, they can send outbound local EUR payments and SWIFT payments. We support both local and international outbound transfers in AUD. Any other supported currency (apart from local AUD and local EUR transfers) will be sent as SWIFT transfer.


will we get local AUD details too? or it’s only for AU residents?


Try Transferwise, wire the money via local AUD transfer to the borderless Transferwise account and then top up Revolut in AUD using the TW Mastercard (override default currency). No fees charged by Transferwise as it’s an incoming local bank transfer and no fees charged by Revolut as the Transferwise card is EEA/EU-issued. Then just exchange it to GBP or hold it in the Revolut AUD account, I really doubt there’s any cheaper way to handle this and I can confirm that this worked a week ago or so. :slightly_smiling_face:


needing to go via transferwise in order to get a decent solution is disappointing at best.


This is great to hear. When I top up AUD from my revolut account opened in Malta I still get charged a fee. Do I need to open a new account In Australia to too up with no fees?

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Hi BroccoliSwag, I’ve tried this a few times over the past few months and I consistently get a “your bank has declined the transaction, please contact their card payments division” from Revolut when I try to top up AUD using my TW card.

I had AUD funds in my TW borderless account when I tried these top-ups and made sure that I have enabled online transactions in TW app. How do I override TW MC’s default currency?

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Hi Andeas,

I have had revolut for a while in the UK and moved to Australia. I lost my phone and tried to log in to my Revolut app and it thinks I am registering an AU account and has me stuck in a queue. How can I access my UK revolut?

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From my discussion on Twitter, it seems that if you don’t have an AU address on Revolut, transfer from your AUD balance to an Australian bank will be sent by SWIFT rather than domestically with Australia. That will almost always incur a fee by the recipient ($11 at CommBank!).

Seems odd they can’t send all AUD funds domestically given they “don’t believe in financial borders”.

Transferring from your Australian bank account attracts a 1.67% fee from an Australian issued debit card or 1.84% fee from an Australian issued credit card.

There is a loophole though for small amounts. Requesting funds via will show a fee, but when the 3D-secure authorisation page comes up, the fee is gone. Not sure yet whether my AU bank will treat the transaction as an overseas transaction (attracting a 3% fee).

Revolut really needs to be much clearer on all of this.


Hmm, I believe I first added the TransferWise card and topped up 10 GBP to link the card to my account, but then it worked just fine with AUD, I did have to verify the transaction with 3DS tho. Also I don’t know how old your TransferWise card is, mine is rather new (from March) and it has a localized BIN (Czech in my case).

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So Australian debit card issuers are seeing the top-up as a cash-like transaction and therefore charging a fee? In that case, Revolut’s claim above that Australian customers are now “able to send and receive money instantly, for free” is false. It doesn’t matter which party is charging the fee, because if it can’t be done for free, then it’s not free.

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some banks also charge fees for “card used abroad” which is a huge issue in Switzerlang for example

that’s the crucial part here. Despite their T&Cs Revolut started applying fees to cards not issued in your residential country.
Even in the new terms it still is listed as “may charge fees for cards not issued in the EEA”

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No. That’s Revolut’s fee for using an Australian card to top up in AUD.

I’ll find out in the next few days (when the transaction settles) whether my AU bank also charges me.

Strangely, Revolut’s twitter support suggests I should change my address with them to my Australian address before doing a transfer and then changing it back to the UK address afterwards!

Well done! All the best to your team

Thanks BroccoliSwag.

Reporting back, in case others have encountered similar issues. I tried topping Revolut with TW card for AUD $700. Revolut app popped up asking whether I want to top up in GBP instead (as it detected my TW card was issued in UK); clicking on “continue in AUD” button then forced the 3DS verification to pop up - a click via TW’s app and all went through.

In previous attempts when I got the “your bank has declined the transaction, please contact their card payments division" decline message in Revolut, I was topping up AUD$10-$25 amounts as a test. Not sure whether topping up larger amounts and forcing it to 3DS made a difference but really glad it worked.


Hi, Is it possible to open an Australian Revolut account if I live in the UK?

What do you mean with that?
The revolut account for Australian residents is not different from other countries beside the waived fee on card top-up with Australian cards.
Local bank details are not offered (yet)

Hello! I’m a Revolut user living in Australia.
What do I have to do to be a “Beta” user?
Thank you in advance.

Question: if a friend sends me euro (as their home currency is euro) to my card in Australia- will it show on my card as euro or Australian dollar? Thanks :blush:

You generally don’t send money to a card but a bank account (I only heard of PayPal also offering withdrawals to card)

I honestly don’t know what is provided to Australian users.
(From my perspective of a Swiss user:)
Under Dashboard -> Accounts -> show more -> Add account you can add a Euro balance if you haven’t already.
From this overview you can tap the Euro account to see bank details which are like
This is what your friend needs to make a SEPA transaction and it will show as Euros on your side.