Revolut lands in the USA!


Thanks very much Alejandro, that’s good news.


Good day AndeasK

Sorry to ask in this feed but would like to see if there is any truth to Revolut being released in South Africa in this year?

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It’s hard to provide ETA for South Africa in case we do not deliver.


If I understand correctly, AUD and CAD are already in direct top-up options. When is NZD going to be on that list?


why the :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Revolut customers need to learn these things through the media?


it seems revolut got tired to dealing with banking partners :wink:

looking forward to having a local ACH/USD account with revolut!


Alejandro, how do you add revolut usd account into transferwise? I am getting an error that i cannot use this reciept for usd. These are the details i used to add new reciept:

Their currency


United Kingdom


LTD, Leve139, I Canada Square London,a


Post code

Revoltat LTD’s bank details

GB06 LOYD 30801211 8564 72

And the error message i get:

This recipient can’t be used for the selected currency.


I don’t know if they changed the rules but this is how I have it:

I don’t remember if I created it through the android app or browser


I have managed to create it via website. on the app does not work.

I only have 100 usd in my account and when attempting to transfer it from usd borderless account to revolut usd account it says 6.8 usd fee.


@alejandro, do you know how much will cost to transfer 15k usd ? I do not have yet that money in my account so I can\t verify for myself.


thanks for verifying this. now we can advise people better how to do it.

I’ve transferred up to 10k in one shot and it’s always $6.80


thanks, I just did a 117.5 usd test transfer with 6.8 usd fee and it should arrive in my revolut account in 1 day (as transferwise says). I can see now in my activity that transfer should arrive in 3 days …14.06

This is indeed a very nice workaround until Revolut privides us with personal USD accounts, same as transferwise


they are very pessimistic about the arriving date. it’s always been next day for me.


@gpmc the reference code can be added at transfer details. I have also added in the business name, next to REVOLUT LTD in case i would ever forget to add it to the transfer reference.


@alejandro.mery have you tried to top up revolut usd account with transferwise debit card?


no, I’m doing it for transfers between accounts of my business and transferwise doesn’t offer cards for businesses yet.

but there is no top-up by card on revolut for business anyway :wink:

I’ve read about people getting the top up made for free and others charged a fee. I don’t know what’s the difference unfortunately.


The transfer from Transferwise to :r: usd account took 1 day. Topping up :r: usd or eur accounts with transferwise debit card is free (in my case) but limited to 1,000 gbp per day and 10,000 gpb per mounth.


and I guess the Caribbean and Central America has shitty countries and wont get on board anytime soon…


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and they are all shitty in one way or another.


have you heard about revolutions? :wink:


for those using transferwise as trampoline their fees have been reduced again. my latest SWIFT/USD from Transferwise to Revolut costed just $3.30.