Revolut lands in the USA!


Hello, what do you mean?


Mirrón, quiero decir que lo anunciado ya lleva casi un año… que se han precipitado un poquito


i want to top-up from US ACCOUNT FROM CHASE BANK, to us account in revolut (not yet us iban :confused: )
What is the best way to sent it. via transfer? (costs i think 40 dollars plus lloyd banks incoming fee (?)
or top up via debit card and how much fees will pay.


it seems they made the announcement before even buying the tickets


you could use transferwise as intermediary. they give you a local ACH account, and then charge $6.80 for the SWIFT transfer to Revolut.


@alejandro, do you know if transferwise USD account accepts payments from a bank in UK ?


Yes, they do accept USD payments via SWIFT on the individual USD account. I got the following reply from transferwise a couple of months ago:

Just to make this a bit easier for you, here is the list of countries from which you can currently receive USD via SWIFT into your Borderless USD account:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, British virgin islands, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Isle of man, Italy, Japan, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein. Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK, United Arab Emirates.


So does this mean that U.K. residents can open a US Revolut account and have a US account?


@rcoley you can have a domestic ACH account in USA with transferwise and transfer funds back and forth to Revolut’s polled USD account via SWIFT at reduced cost.


@alejandro.mery sorry, but what does that mean?! I’m not clued up on banking jargon. It sounds to me that it’s not actually a bank account?


neither transferwise nor revolut are banks. they are regulated e-money institutions

transferwise borderless gives you a bank account in USA under your name, properly connected to their domestic/local network (ACH) that can also receive SWIFT (international) payments in USD from some countries, including UK

revolut gives you a USD balance and a method to top it up, BIC+IBAN+SWIFT and a reference number that will make sure any international payment done to that IBAN gets properly credited onto your balance.

transferwise would charge you $6.80 to transfer USD via SWIFT from the USD account with them to the polled (shared, not individual, belongs to Revolut LTD, reference number required) IBAN from revolut to top it up.

revolut won’t charge you to transfer USD to your USD account with transferwise.

this juggling is of use only to some people, including me.

Revolut is working on being able to give you an individual domestic (ACH) account in USA, but not yet.


HI Andreas, please can you elaborate on the where in particular the services will be expanded in Asia (it’s a big place !). Thanks. :slight_smile:


When is Revolut going to be live in the US?


soon, we are working on it ™

and on Asia! and on banking licence! and better support! and! and! … all of that understaffed.

we are hiring more people, it will be better in future


The US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Singapore are all on the roadmap for this year!


No China, Vietnam or Philippines :frowning:


@Sal I have never seen anyone offering local accounts for non residents on those. HongKong at best (payoneer and currenxie) but with nasty transfer fees


I never said it was for non-residents ? Clearly it would be for legal residents of those specific countries (i.e China, Vietnam, Philippines)


You cannot do a USD to USD transfer from TranferWise to Revolut since there is no way to input your Revolut’s USD account reference number in Transferwise.

If someone has actually managed to achieve such a transfer, I would love to hear how.

Otherwise, consider this not possible.


@gpmc, I do it three times per month :wink: from my business borderless account with transferwise to the polled IBAN with Lloyds Revolut for Business gives me.

you can set the reference number when doing the transfer, not as part of the recipient’s data.