Revolut lands in the USA!


I always believed that in the USA you are only allowed to do prepaid up to 150$ unless you perform SSN verification… At least this is what all the competitors told me so far.


I would assume that would be the case. Maybe even the debit card charges will be waived once they launch in the US. It just makes sense to drop the fee since I would assume Revolut wants people to use their card on daily basis. Good for students and peeps who don’t use credit. I’ve been scared to try topping up using a CC because they’ve been pretty aggressive about P2P payments being handled as cash advance. Similar to churning points and just bringing that money back around to pay the bill and keeping the points earned.


Beta is over. Wondering if you’ve tried increasing limits again? Seems the limit for general and online purchase is £10,000.


Yes. I’ve increased my limits and it works great.


Will US users be able to covert USD to GBP and send money via Sort Code to UK? (Eg to pay UK bills?)


As far as I know, they will. Instead of sending the money from your US account, you can choose to send it from your UK one.


Would it not be better to try to get right in Europe first.


It looks like it landed in the US from a take off in Britain.

We have absolutely NO SERVICE today.

I sent money to my Revolut account at 9:30 am and it is 10:15pm and still no funds available.

Thanks, Revolut. I hope your businesses in the US fail miserably.


Sent money from where? It’s weekend! If there is a bank involved I guess you cannot blame Revolut! Or is this within UK (FPS)?


Send money to a Revolut UK account from a UK account. It’s been over 24 hours and still no funds available.
Be weary about this company. They got my money, bought some crypto currencies, are making money until Tuesday when they will finally clear the funds to my Revolut account, according to the agent.


When did you do the transfer? All transfers get cut off on friday afternoon and dont get credited till monday. Thats how every EU bank works (except the banks that use SEPA instant credit transfers, but Revolut doesnt have that yet)


Transfer within UK … so I guess he expects Faster Payment Service …which normally should not take longer than two hours… also on weekends:


Revolut isn´t a faster payments participant and is at the mercy of their banking partners.
We don’t know if @Mangra used Faster Payments, but even if he/she did, Faster Payments’ FAQ says that the cash must arrive by the end of the following business day and that some banks don’t operate on weekends.

Either way, we don´t really know what @Mangra has done exactly, cos he/she didn’t explain.
Also from my experience, SWIFT wires sent from EU to Revolut’s shared USD account get credited within 24 hrs. Whenever there is a problem, I contact Revolut through the chat and they are able to manually credit my account within minutes.


When are the USD IBANs (or ACH account numbers/routing numbers etc) combin for EU customers?

I know the target date was Q1 2018 - which passed right? Is there a new estimation for the release?

Thanks in advance!


The answer is probably “soon”. :slight_smile:


I asked yesterday and @rafael_revolut answered “work is in progress”

… just like asking when will be the next freebsd release


I’m just happy they are bringing it… Take your time devs and do it right! :slight_smile:


In the meantime, I can continue paying Transferwise $6.80 to move the money to my Revolut USD account :wink: … and it’s not that slow


A credible source at Revolut told me a few days ago that “Nordic IBANs have been delayed because we don’t have back end developers available. Best estimate is late summer but we really don’t know at this stage. Similar with US launch this will also occur sometime in the summer”.

This is a shame, as I was also waiting for my personal Norwegian account.

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Landing in the USA announcement is getting so old. Plane must have developed engine trouble.