Revolut lands in the USA!


I topped up my Revolut account USD 10 using my Transferwise card. I had balance in USD in my Transferwise account. When topping up, I had to confirm I wanted to use USD rather than GBP (the Transferwise card shows up as GBP) and the transfer was instant, with no additional charges.

I haven’t tried a larger amount.


I topped up $1000 with TransferWise Mastercard just now, using USD balance in TransferWise Borderless Account. No fee.


that is good news. unfortunately I cannot apply for their card. it looks like is on invitation basis only. still hoping :r: will offere USD nominal accounts soon.


Wow, great to hear that the TransferWise bridge works in USD too! I used their card recently to move my unused GBP back to Revolut without the bank transfer fee.


Turns out TransferWise has a limit of £2000 online payment in a 30 day period, and £1000 in 24 hours. Revolut top ups count as online payments.

More info here:

Looks like the limits and be increased but not during their beta phase.


I found out today that the personal us account created on transferwise cannot be used to top up from outside usa, instead you have to top it up by transfering to a shared account similar to what :r: has.


Anyone know when revolut will come to USA?
Is there any time frame?
Is it worth the wait?
If it means another 5 months I’m sure there’s other competitors out there in the USA doing the same or even better,

For the moment I don’t get what’s the big deal about revolut if you can’t transfer money to USA because it doesn’t exist here…

So as they advertise that it’s FREE INTERNATIONAL TRANSFERS means nothing If it dose not work here…


Do you perform a soft pull or a hard pull with the SSN?



Hope you’re doing well! I am at the top of the list for the US right now. My company wants to use Revolut. Do you have a timeline of when it will be or available or what the hurdles are that you still face? (Licensing?)


We’re working on it. Aiming for Q2 this year :slight_smile:

Selling on Amazon USA from the UK

When I come to USA in June, will I be able to use my R card?


If you are a Rev user you can use it anyway :slight_smile:





Yo I’m already a Rev user in Europe but I also applied to the US one. Will my accounts just merge once i jump the line? How does that work?


No. There’s no need to re-sign :slight_smile:



To clarify if I am a Revolut user in the UK and have bank accounts in the US. Once Revolut launches in the US i would be able to transfer USD to my UK based Revolut USD account using ACH for no fee’s?


Hey Sfw

The short answer is Yes.

However it is dependent on Revolut launching USD as a local account at the same time. Which i think is 110% what they are going to do. But i might be wrong.


@henrikbjorn thanks. I will wait and see when it is launched. Before I moved I was on the US waitlist anyway. :slight_smile:


So you do not already have an Account with Revolut?

If you do then you do not have to do anything. When Revolut launches in the USA, then you get all the same benefits, features as the ones signing up from USA.

Also be aware that it is against the terms of service to have more than one account.


Didn’t realize the TOS issue. I got on the waiting list prior to my move so I am happy to keep the one account i already have:)