Revolut lands in the USA!


Unclear, tried to get more information about his issue to see if there was a logic explanation, but he have not responded Bad experience with the revolut mobile insurance


You can insure undamaged devices up to 6month old .
It states it on first page you press for device insurance.


Signed up in September '17 what now? are you really launching in US? i have been on the waiting list since then


They are aiming for the first half of '18, just a little bit longer! :slight_smile: We are all waiting as US launch will include personal account numbers for all of their existing users too.


Wonder if we with see sooner in the 1st half of 18 or will if keep being pushed back?


I live in EU and get my wages in USD. Will I get a USD personal account after R is rolled out in US?
I am planning to get my salary sent straight to R.


Hey Lucian. Yes my understanding is that we all get a personal account for usd when they launch in the us :slight_smile:


I am wondering how that will happen legally. In the past i had an us account but i was working in us and they asked my employment contract and some more supporting documents to open the account.
Another option will be to have nominal us accounts open in Revolut’s uk bank same as eur or gbp nominal accounts. Is that possible?


Transferwise offers this already.


Hi Frank, can you elaborate more on this. I m interested in topping up R usd account free of charge.


Transferwise offers “local” US account details for USD as part of their borderless account. You could then link the debit card that comes with the borderless account to your Reovlut account to transfer funds, if you like.

(I haven’t tested this, but a similar scenario works for Swiss customers with CHF.)


I have just created US account with them but I do not see any option to order a debit card. I am still under verification of identity and address process…

Did anyone have topped up USD with transferwise debitcard to Revolut ? What are the fees ?


There aren’t any fees. The card is issued in Spain.


So they give you a spannish issued card attached to an USD account?
:r: charges a fee on any USD topup. Support team could not tell how much is the fee as it is calculated in real time at the time of top up, probably based on some unkown factors.


The card is issued in Spain (at least the beta tester cards where). The card is attached to the borderless account, check out the functionality of that offer on TW’s website.

Check help center for top up fees:

Topping up via debit or credit card in GBP, EUR, USD, PLN, DKK, SEK, NOK, RON, and CHF is completely free.

If you top up with a card that was not issued within the European Economic Area (a US-issued card for example) or with a commercial card, we may charge you a small fee to cover our costs. In these cases, it might be cheaper for you to top up by bank transfer.


Just add your regular US-issued card to Google Pay (I don’t know if it works with Apple Pay, but I guess it should) and use it to top-up your USD Revolut account.


@Jaad75 I do not have an US issued card but I will get a Spanish card from Transfer wise. Will that work with google pay ?
How do you use google pay to topup :r: ?


I have no idea - not all cards can be added to Google Pay. Why don’t you apply for a card from your american bank? You should be able to do that even over the phone, if you’re not in the U.S. right now…
If you start to use Google Pay, you’ll have an option in the Revolut app to top-up an account with it (it’s called Android Pay it the app so far, actually, but the name doesn’t matter that much - they’ll update it soon hopefully :))


Just checked this issue on Transferwise, but in their “Why can’t I get USD account details?” FAQ they say “Due to local regulations and partner requirements, we can’t currently offer US account details to US residents, but we’re currently working on making this possible.” They do not even mention non-US residents though… which makes me wonder if this feature can be statutorily enabled at all for us non residents.
But I am curious to see who between Revolut and Transferwise manages to first pull this off… Definitely a game changer for many of us


I going to live in Canada for a while, and I would like to use my Revolut account to get pay there (work payroll). It’ll possible in April ?

Thanks a lot!