Revolut lands in the USA!


I think we need to give them time, but long term they will provide the best services, worldwide, and we’ll have all we can dream of!
We just need to be patient (god knows that’s hard)


Revolut needs to spend less time posting they got so-and-so when they’ve only applied and concentrate on actually staying ahead of these guys.


Posting about this is not such a bad idea. It gives some visibility to the community about what’s going on and it makes people talk about Revolut (= “free” advertising).
Also, all this posting is handled by different people (probably CMs) than regulations, software development, project management etc, so the time definitely isn’t wasted :wink:


When will the US be allow to use your app?


That metaphor is extremely inaccurate. More like you’ve sent snail mail to a travel agent and waiting for a reply.


Can’t wait! When is the launch date! I’m in the queue but my referral hasn’t moved me up yet.


In Q4 2017 they quoted Q1 2018. Right now it’s the 2nd month of Q1, but there could be a delay to Q2.

Launching a financial services offering in a new country requires adherence to local laws and regulations, so it’ll take time.

I disagree. The aeroplane landing metaphor is correct.

It’s landed physically: Operations to launch :r: in the US is under way.

Disembarking/deboarding has not happened yet: Regulations (e.g. Air travel law) mean that this will take longer than expected.


Revolut has landed in the USA… bla bla bla for months now. Can US folks with US bank accounts sign up for Revolut, download the app and begin using? If not now, when?


The official answer Revolut posted here and on Twitter is, as far as I am aware, this: Revolut plans to be available in the first half of 2018 in the US.


Hello just curious where i can find info on the progress of the US market and when it will be open, I have the app on my phone but not able to access yet.


Shocked that anyone would compare Denizen to Revolut. Denizen has an $199 annual fee, Revolut is free. Denizen’s existence depends on customers who can’t count and can’t google.


What both had in common, apparent on first impression without Google, is websites that dishonestly claimed to have achieved something they had only planned or applied for. One of them appears to have cleaned that up partially after this comparison was posted. That dishonesty is enough to drive me away from both. As for the $199 fee, that, too would drive me away, but Denizen’s website was so poorly coded that I gave up trying to find out more.
And Revolut may be free for the basics, but they do have costs for some things. Which is OK.
If you’re really better than your competitor, it should be easy to say so, instead of deleting a post that asks and calling it spam or “marketing.”


Thanks for the reply. Makes total sense to me now.


So if I have understand this correctly, EU based users will now have possibly to use US based Visa card (cards handled as they are issued in US, not UK)? And i.e. I could add Revolut Visa card as payment method in Apple iTunes (currently using gift cards)?


Hm, I don’t see that coming. Revolut is going to become available for US residents. I would not expect that they are going to issue US cards for EU/UK customers.


That won’t work because the credit card is issued in the UK and Apple will recognize that.


That’s exactly what the post suggested: US issued cards.


Since Revolut is landing in USA, im using this forum to open a complain about Revolut and their insurance company. I a premium client and in December i made a mobile insurance to secure my S8+. Made all the payments, and in February unfortunatly my phone falled and ended up cracking the screen. Made a complain to the insurance company, and they came back saying that they wouldnt cover the damage because the phone was not new and somebody in their company should not have accepted the policy when i made the insurance, so they just cancel the insurance on me. I consider this unacceptable, because they accepted, i payed and they never told me at any time that there was an issue. Now when something happened, they just didnt take any responsability, even when the error was on their side. I could have choose other companies, i didnt because they accepted, but now i will have to pay the repair by myself. I definetly didnt find this fare. I live in the US, a new market for this company, so im planning to share my case on social media so that people have an ideia on whom they are dealing with. Fell free to comment and share with your friends and associates.


Will you be enabling a business account. I already have a UK based revolut business account and I really need a us based business account for my US llc.


and they didn’t even refund the payment to you?
edit: I mean the weekly fee