Revolut lands in the USA!

PayPal accepts Revolut card

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Any ideas when everything will work in the US. Apple Pay and other features?

I just applied for my USA Revolut card. I see I am 14000 on the waiting list. Does anyone have an idea about how long that might be?

edit: took 12 hours

You can send euros to a european bank with USA Revolut card???

Hi Andreas, can you please cancel my application? I’m on the waitlist. Thank you.

Yes. You can’t get an IBAN account number for your Revolut Euro account yet. But you can send Euros to a European bank via Payments.

thx, I found it…

Looks like Revolut is officially live in the US now as of Mar. 24. I looked in my account and I now see a routing number and account number for my USD account. But I still have “account details coming soon” for the accounts of other currencies (like Euro). Should everything work now? I tried to create a payment link and I still get the message that payment link is unavailable for US users.

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Thanks for making it so much easier for Americans to comply with american claw without going to arb or court or press charges for larceny or extortion or fraud because if you mean to sub for a month only and some sellers make you waste 12 hours to cancel or doesn’t even follow their own billing advertisements ( so easy to front end screncapture then find the arc where the big is and see that it’s larceny worth uselsss customer service who have no idea what src is ), one disposable cards are super Constotutionally legal