Revolut lands in the USA!

good afternoon,
i need to receive a bank transfer but the sender needs US Bank Routing…Can you please tell me where i can find it?Thanks

You can’t as somebody not living in the US.
Transferwise provides US personal bank details and can then be used to top up Revolut by card:
(The topic is targeted to Switzerland but it works the same. You just open a USD balance with Transferwise)

You should be able to see your account no. and routing no. under Details in the account tab. If you don’t see any account details, you may need to wait for Revolut to provide you with this feature. They are yet to offer this feature to all.

Are you saying you now have account details for your US account? I don’t have anything there yet. Hopefully soon.

I am one of the lucky guys to have local US account no. attached to Revolut account. :wink:

I’m in the USA and added a USA and a British bank account.
I’d like to be able to send money from my Uk bank to
The USA Revolut account , is this possible ?


If you have a US account number, what about things like payment links and adding money in other currencies? Do those features work for you?

Hello! My family with a US credit card was trying recently to send me $ trought Revolut but is not possible. They tried with a card from wells fargo and bank of america, the banks told us there is nothing bad with the cards and that we need to contact Revolut. Is there any problem with the transactions in US? Thank you in advance!

Yes. These features work. I tried to convert USD to other currency and it worked well.

Is it possible to load Revolut by Bill Pay from your bank account? I would appreciate an insight.

I am a recent US based Revolut Beta user. My account has been activated. I am awaiting my debit card. I am in the UK and recently at a dinner party took US funds (from my initial $20 deposit) and transferred to GBP to pay for a joint shared dinner. All worked as it should.

I also have a TransferWise acct (this was set-up b/c Revolut had yet to activate my then waitlisted acct). I was paid by a job in GBP (directly to TransferWise with my supplied TransferWise GBP account details).

I want to send GBP from TransferWise to GBP to Revolut. This will allow me to use the better exchange rate and free bank transfer offered by Revolut to send to my Charles Schwab US bank account . HOWEVER Revolut has yet to supply GBP account details AND will not allow me to add money (via debit, bank transfer, or even generating a request link) to my GBP Revolut account. It’s still very much BETA.

The only two tasks the US BETA version will allow at the moment is 1) to deposit USD via a debit card and then transfer to other currencies and 2) bank transfer of US funds to an outside US bank for final deposit.

Unfortunately for how most Revolut (non US BETA) users utilize the service and integrate with other companies like TransferWise, we are heavily restricted. I must relay 100% for the moment on using TransferWise and paying the higher fees (although still lower than most traditional methods). I do hope Revolut soon unlocks the full spectrum of services. Otherwise it’s a very “lite” version.

Indeed no USA details for UK users yet, much less Swiss ones.

Come on Revolut - start making good on promises for more local accounts.

What about directly TopUp funds via Revolut app from TransferWise debit card without fee.
As an EU user its possible for me.
Both accounts (R & T) have multicurrency support, so no exchange fees.

For people who are anxious to sneak a peek under the US kimono, here’s what I discovered via Google:

Revolut US – Terms & Policies

Anyone tryed to add US Revolut card to US AppStore or US PayPal account, is it working?