Revolut lands in the USA!

  • Revolut is on course to launch in the U.S. by the end of the year:

It’s already on beta testing. I am one of the proud beta tester.


yes, have some question for you, do you have US bank details under ABA ? you still have EUR IBAN et and GBP local account ? is it a prepaid card ou debit card ?

thanks a lot

I have US bank details. My card says Debit Master Card. But couldn’t add it to PayPal and Cash App. Not yet compatible with Apple Pay.

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I am not sure this is accurate for inter-bank transfer within the US.
AFAIK Bank Of America charges $3 for ACH transfer to non BOA US Bank.

For those who don’t/can’t have an US Revolut account, what is the best way (small or no fee) to transfer USD from an US bank account to an UK Revolut account?
Could you topup your UK Revolut account with a TransferWise Master card in USD without fee?
Thank you.

Yes, TW is the way to go as long as Revolut does not offer an acceptable alternative
for transfers from the US to :r:

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still way cheaper and faster than what the same bank charges for SWIFT transfers. also companies are used to this procedure and its cost, which is not the case for international transfers.

The best way to add funds to your Revolut account is transferring money instantly through your debit card. There is no fee for any amount more than $20.

To those of you who have a US Revolut account, does it support ACH withdrawals for paying rent, credit cards etc ?

Unfortunately, auto debits and wires are not supported. They support only direct deposits. That too is not going smooth :roll_eyes:

Also take note that Revolut cards are not Apple Pay/Google Pay compatible in US.

Glad to update that the issue is resolved and deposit is credited today. I will continue to bank with Revolut :+1:

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What you’re saying is that you can’t have your rent and electricity withdrawn from your Revolut account automatically and wire transfers is buggy?

Yeah. You cannot set up Revolut bank account in any other account or app to set up an automatic withdrawal. This is the biggest reason why I am not able to use Revolut as my main bank account :frowning_face:.
Right now, I transfer funds to another account which allows auto debits.

I am a USA beta user. I just started using the app. I’ve requested my debit card, but it hasn’t arrived yet.

Is there anyplace with info about the beta program? (Or just in this thread?) For example, which features work and which don’t.

From what I can tell, the only way to add money is by debit card to the USD account. If I go to account details and open the USD account, the details area is blank. On the other hand, I’ve created Euro and British Pound accounts and when I go to those account details, it says “Account details are coming soon”.

Anyone have any more info?

The delivery of debit card is very sloooooooow. You may need to wait a little longer than what is shown in the app. Alternatively, you can place an order for a replacement card.
All the features - Instant notifications, adding money through debit cards, budgeting, Payments, Vaults, Currency converter- in the app are working.
Since you don’t have an account number and a routing number, you will not be able to set up a direct deposit. In anycase, currently auto debits and wire transfers are not working. It is expected to make US account numbers to all US account holders soon.
I get an opinion that Revolut doesn’t intend to position itself as a mobile only bank; instead it wants to work as a travel card which will help you save in exchange rates and ATM fees. I think they should change this strategy and market Revolut as a bank for millennials, similar to how Monzo and N26 are marketing.

Actually, I just got my card yesterday. Only took about a week!

And seems like you can only add money in USD. If I try in other currencies (for example Euro), it pops up a message saying, “You can’t add money in EUR yet”. But good to know everything else should work. Thanks!

Hi there, my friend just told me about Revolut and so I created an account to find that in the area of the United States that I currently live in Revolut has not arrived yet and therefore I am on the waitlist. I do not want to be on the waitlist and can not access or delete my account or even contact customer support in the app to do this because I am on the waitlist. Please can you delete my account as I do not want to be on the waitlist. Thank you

I just found another thing that doesn’t work for US accounts: Payment links. I tried to create one and it popped up a message saying “Requesting money via payment link is currently unavailable for US users”.

Does anyone know when the stuff like payment links, US account numbers, adding money in EUR, etc. is supposed to start working?