Revolut lands in the USA!

I can see that there are account number and routing number attached to my Revolut account.


Hi, I see that US customer get an account registered with Metropolitan Commercial Bank.

right now, Revolut is testing this feature with a selected group of members.

why can’t I create a post?

Any idea how long the wait is? It said something about ten days. And does Revolut have a joint account feature?

Did you get yours? Just wondering how long it took?

Yes, Revolut is up and running in the US. I was on the waiting list a long time but received an invite a few days ago. Account has been created and the card is due to arrive on the 15th.
On a UK based Revolut accounts the GBP details have the sort code and a/c number, the USD details have the personal IBAN.
On the US based Revolut account the USD details are blank. So currently no routing number and a/c number are displayed. Adding to the account is via debit card.


Yeah I finally got it, took a day or two

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and you have your local bank account ?

I am really happy to receive my paycheck 2 days in advance into my Revolut account. It is exciting to see that the early credit works well. Now I can spend this money 4 days in advance (due to Columbus day weekend) whereas all my team mates have to wait until 15th to get their paycheck. :wink:

do you have Local bank account using ABA a not IBAN ?

Better save the money four days earlier than wait urgently for the paycheck. If you don’t have any cash reserves for the next few months, you’ll have a problem sooner or later.

In US, you need routing number and account number to receive ACH transfer. Revolut account doesn’t support any wire transfers and debits. So you can’t use this account number for automatic debits.

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No ABA shown in the app. The area where you would see the routing number and account number is blank. I added GBP and it shows “account details are coming soon”. Top up only gives the option of using a debit card, no ACH transfer for a top up.

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Hi, with an account in Europe. Will I now be able to use my US credit card to top up my USD account without extra charges?

Fees for card top ups are only waived if you are a resident of the card’s country code

I hear you what you say. That’s why I love using the Vaults with scheduled transfers :wink:

I already have Revolut with my address in Portugal. How can I have Revolut with my address in USA? When I try to open an account with my address in USA It tells me I already have an account and takes me to the login… Or how can I have a revolut USA routing and account number to transfer/top up USA dollars to it?

There is none.


I was advised that USA routing and accounting numbers were being implemented on trial basis. It will take time before it is opened to all USA customers.