Revolut lands in the USA!

tbh they seem to imply it’s for business accounts

It’s for personal too, I reached out to them!

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btw, @nikolay talks a bit about US plans at Revolut @Unbound London 2019

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When will you come to Brazil?:brazil:

sorry, it’s way too hot and humid for me


If you’ve seen it can you bullet it for me?

Cheers :wink:

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Priorities. The US is a huge market. Iceland on the other hand – not so much :slight_smile:

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You can already use it if you have one :slight_smile: This is about being able to sign up for an account as a US resident, not being able to use your card issued abroad when you visit the country :wink:

It usually takes a couple of hours for transfers to get processed if you send money from a non-Revolut account.

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Any news of Revolut about the USA launch, N26 of Germany has started on July 11th 2019. Unfortunately it will not be available for non resident alien and they have not planned to have different currencies accounts, so transfering money goes through TW. Really hope Revolut makes it possible to make use of the ACH transfer sytem even if you are a different citizen and living somewhere else on the globe and having a Revolut account.


Could someone clarify the topic: I do understand SWIFT charges are awful in the US banks to wire transfer USD to Revolut account. I don’t however understand how to make a payment order from the US bank, if Revolut doesn’t provide me the path?
I made an inquiry online and all I was told that details are in my profile, Accounts chapter.
Well, all I can see there is REVOGB21 and my IBAN - no intermediary bank in GB, nor in the US :frowning:
In my humble knowledge, there SHOULD be anything like this:
59: my IBAN
but there isn’t.
Who could tell me the full path if Revolute online support cannot?
Appreciate your input.

Hi, I used my new rainbow mastercard to pay for a bottle of water on gas station in the Vay
Area in California and my payment was refused. I used Apple Pay and the message I got is I need o swipe the card and put the pin. Do you know how I can solve this? Thank you, Nikitas

Hey. If you haven’t used the physical card in the past, it could be that they want you to use it before you can use Apple Pay at merchants such as gas station.

some months ago I tried using BARCUS33 as intermediary but they rejected it. BARCGB22 is the only valid intermediary.

Thank you for sharing @alejandro.mery.
From your experience: how much was cut by the correspondent? And how long it took to be credited to your R-account?

BARCGB22 didn’t charge anything and it was credited the next working day

Hey @AndreasK has America actually become a supported country now? You’ve added pricing etc and all the perks of each tier

Furthermore, do I require proof of address to change my account location from UK to the USA? :thinking:


Wonderful news Andreas:clap: Do you know what the status of the Canadian licence is? I’m still seeing quite a bit of folks in queue.

Recently moved to the USA with my French Revolut account. How do I switch the location from France to USA ? In the app, for the change of address, USA is in the list of unsupported countries but when my wife tries the application process to register, it looks like it’d go all the way through with the registration and she would likely receive a “Metropolitan Commercial Bank” Mastercard. We didn’t want to create a second account for now. So What’s going on with the USA deal ? As of today, is it supported or not ?
On this matter, How about joint Revolut accounts ? Are they in the works ? When you’re married, you want to share the family expenses. SoFi Money, Monzo (maybe others) already offer joint accounts.

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The registration queue for people living in the USA exists but Revolut did not start operating there