Revolut lands in the USA!

at least for transferwise business you have to be paid as “Transferwise FBO MyCompany” so even if the account number is unique and short, and your name is there, the account actually belongs to TW

Transferwise offers a US account with a US routing code and account number and it is available to US non-resident aliens. My expectation is that Revolut will do the same as soon as they formally launch in the US.


I’m hoping that when Revolut launches in the US, they will support ACH direct debit and by extension allowing me to close my American bank account. As the only reason I have it is that ACH direct debit is the only way I can pay for rent and electricity.

TransferWise does currently not support it and Plastiq takes a 2.5% fee.

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:r: doesn’t even support direct debits in it’s home country :frowning:


Any updates to when Revolut will launch with US account numbers? I am looking forward to not having to use TransferWise just to receive USD, then top up the Revolut balance in USD.


Canadian banks manage to open their US bank accounts just fine for NRAs (RBC, BMO and TD come to mind).

Does it only apply to canadian citizens or do canadian banks also open US bank accounts for canadian and US NRAs?

I had to sign a document (W-8) with my broker in the US so they could manage my company stocks without taxation for me (NRA).

I wonder about that in terms of Revolut.

Looking forward to Revolut adding US banking capabilities, until then I have to use Transferwise to receive dollars from my E-Trade account. E-Trade, like all US-based entities requires a Bank Routing Number + Account Numbers that is either “Checking” or “Savings”

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I also am looking forward to Revolut working in the USA… wondering why I cannot start a new topic, the button has disappeared

@AndreasK any update on this? please. it’s very frustrating to have to go via transferwise.

I would also like local USD details.

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We are waiting for local USD accounts for more than 1Y now after the annoincement.

it landed, but it’s still trying to pass immigration…


Why does this affect you personally? Since you’re a Revolut user within the EEA.

Transferwise provides a local, personalized account which can be is used for incoming transfers since Revolut is not available for US residents

Does this mean Thai Baht will no longer have the extra percentage added? If so it can’t come quick enough

I wouldn’t count on it. They added RUB as well but didn’t mention anything about removing the markup

Here, anxiously waiting for this great service to be available in the USA

@AndreasK I have relatives in the USA, Turkey, Australia and a few other commonwealth countries. I also have friends abroad in other countries like Japan, Russia, HK, Norway, Singapore, Poland, Czech.

Please stop asking people why it affects them as a resident of the EEA. The world is global now, and Revolut is trying to cater to the world and as such if its going to offer multi-currency accounts, we need local details. Don’t send us packing with some rubbish about why we need it. We wouldn’t ask if we didn’t need it.

It’s getting very boring of you and Revolut consistently throwing valid criticism to the side with this kind of talk.


my main customers are companies in USA, and they don’t do SWIFT payments.

Revolut’s model of a fixed monthly fee is a lot more convenient to me than a percentage as with Transferwise, but as we don’t get a local US account I have to give my borderless details, and periodically transfer the USD to revolut for exchange to GBP.