Revolut lands in the USA!

Been well over a year that Revolut has “LANDED” In the States, When is it going to be available to the public please?

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Any update on the USA launch date … ??? :pray:

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In this blog post there a some details.

Launch international markets :earth_americas:

It’s been a bureaucratic nightmare, but we are finally on track to launch our first international markets in early 2019. We’ll be launching in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan - and we have a bunch more planned for the future.


Oh mom is gonna finally have a normal debit card :))) (Japan)

The only problem is that she doesn’t really know how to use a phone (despite she has iPhone X)

Oh wait. It’s useless as she can’t top up over the counter/ ATM

Excellent. Onwards and upwards ! :slight_smile:

Can we launch revolut in Malaysia please :weary::pray:t2:

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I’m afraid that doesn’t look like its happening soon. Maybe in a few years.

Tech Editor at Business Insider on Revolut’s expansion plans


still landing :grin: 1+ year later…

Has there been any indication or update when we can expect a US launch?

I work between the US and Europe and considering my European number does not work in the states, I cannot set up a European based account.

I noted the article above, but it would be great to gain a little more direction - If there has been any updates.

Contact Revolut support and they should be able to change your number to a USA one as long as you can prove you have valid residency in the EEA.

As for US launch, early 2019


Thank you for the advise @Recchan, I appreciate it.
I will be sure to reach out.

Love Revolut, but launch in USA: 2021?

in the mean time, transferwise to the rescue.

I recently found that both Western Union and Skrill offered better exchange rates/fees than Transferwise. (for the international transfer I was looking at). However you could not transfer to a business account, only to personal accounts.

I was also not sure whether there would be intermediary charges along the way when using WU or Skrill?

I’m pretty sure western union use partners to transfer the money and thus don’t have any fees from the banks.

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in my case what I expected from “lands in the USA” and that transferwise gives me is a local ABA/ACH account under my name (personal and business) to use to collect and to pay like a local.

afair WU and skrill don’t give you that.

then TW charges me $3 to transfer the collected USD to revolult for exchange.

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But will Revolut offer this for all users? Because it’s not clear to me?

it was said it will…

We transfer the USD from our TD bank account to our European USD account. TD bank charges us 50 USD for the wire. 49.997 USD are then credited to our Revolut account and can be exchanged. Make sure that your US Bank is not converting to Pounds, Euros etc.