Revolut lands in the USA!

I agree, 0.33% is an amazing number. Can you share the name of your bank please?

It is a small regional bank in my hometown. But even at larger banks, like Unicredit in Germany, the bid-ask spread for EURUSD is not more than 0.6 cent. That is a markup of a little more than 0.25%.

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As interesting as it seems it’s impossible to check since the indicated FX rates simply means nothing because Hypovereinsbank only provides FX values for yesterday at 13h00 and 15h00.

For something as fluctuate as FX it means nothing :frowning:

Of course, you are right.
But on the other hand, are there any banks out there which use a realtime FX rate like Revolut does?

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With classic banks when you pay with your card the rate is coming from MasterCard or Visa and both of them doesn’t offer live fx rates.

If you want to buy another currency ( to store it or transfer it ), most of the banks are proposing a website to check live fx rates.

Any update on the actual launch date? I am travelling internationally the first week of September and am hoping that I will have access to Revolut by then…

Hi Andreas,

I am a US resident currently in the queue for early access to the app. I am moving to the UK in a month and really would like to get Revolut as I will be transferring most of my money to GBP. I have been in exactly the same place in the queue for 3 weeks and if I can’t get the app in time I’m afraid I’ll have to use another option. Is there anything I can do to expedite?



if you know your new address and have a UK mobile phone number you can ask support to delete the old registration and register with your new data.
Transferwise borderless account is often used as a workaround as it offers a US bank account to top up.
You then can top up revolut via the transferwise card (low daily limit, ~250 USD at the start. does anybody have the correct amount?)

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My guess is that Revolut’s US launch will be announced, along with Apple Pay, at Apple’s press conference on Wednesday 12th September 2018.

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Why do you think those two things are related?

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They’re not related, but Revolut has been postponing the launch of Apple Pay, which it says is due “very soon”, so it’s likely that it will launch it at the Apple press conference. Given that Apple would find it hard to sell Revolut to a predominantly US audience and in view of recent comments by Revolut suggesting that the US launch is imminent, it would make sense for both to be included in the same press conference.

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Hm, the latest Techcrunch article about Revolut mentions October to December for the US launch.

I can see Apple mentioning Revolut as a new Apple Pay partner in Europe (and Germany) like it happened with N26 during the keynote, but I am skeptical that we get a more concrete date about the US launch next week. Apple usually doesn’t do PR for someone else if there isn’t a strong argument for it from their own point of view. Wouldn’t it be a really strange move to announce someone else’s market entry?

All I would expect is the Revolut logo maybe appearing on a slide about banks adopting Apple Pay in the US “later this year”.


Borderless does have a Mastercard though?

The card was not available back then for business customers. It’s now in beta, still not available for all customers:

Soon businesses will be able to spend multiple currencies anywhere in the world with the TransferWise card. This means low conversion fees and zero transaction fees.

The card is currently in beta testing and not yet available to everyone. If you have a business account, we’ll be in touch when you can order yours.

Ohhh okay. Thanks for clarifying, I didn’t know that!

Maybe Revolut will be involved in Apple Pay Cash from Messages somehow ?

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I got a debit card for my business TW borderless account, same bright green as the personal card so I had to require the service of a sharpie. works great.

well :confused:


I have no idea what are you talking about, but I’ll say soon!! The answer to all your questions!

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@yakushi1337 is refering to @anon33247966 saying Q2 and we are almost past Q3 already. but soon anyway.

twenty twenty or 20202020… is a way of getting around the restriction that prevents posting messages with fewer than 20 characters.