Revolut lands in the USA!

The registration queue for people living in the USA exists but Revolut did not start operating there

It looks like they’ve perhaps done a limited launch in the US? I used revolut back in 2015 when it was open to all. I just logged back into my old account and it asked me for my SSN and was able to add my US bank card and also ordered a new card to be delivered. the card bin # starts with 5165 29 which looks like it’s issued by a US bank.


How about USA user numbers?
One would think that with all those needing to send money to the South/Central America and Canada, Revolut would now have millions of USA users by now…

I wanted to convince my sister, living in the usa, to get a revolut account. she pretends, it doesn’t work. What is the actual status?

Seems :r: has been stuck in immigration for 2 years since landing. Us authorities are probably not handing out the permits?

Once :r: is online in the usa the forums will quickly fill up with usa faq´s and topics i imagine.

Reading on reddit it seems that they start the beta soon (in a few weeks)

EDIT: beta is live now.

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Hey, are the features any different from normal Revolut? Are thr bank accounts US based or UK based?

1% cashback is global

Besides that not really

Details are coming soon, they don’t exist yet

Revolut has started updating their website for a US launch. They have pricing in US dollars for standard/premium/metal and statements about money being held by Metropolitan Commercial Bank and therefore FDIC insured. The link to download the Revolut app did not respond.

Over 50% of the transactions when US clients have tried to send money to our USD Revolut account have gone wrong.

Before “cleaning up the American banking system”, how about cleaning up your own? It’s either too complex for senders or something goes wrong when the UK and US systems talk to each other.

I would warn everyone to think twice before having money wired from the US to the UK. As usual Revolut run before they can walk, and when it goes wrong, Revolut customer services are swamped and 45 days later you’ll still be waiting for a response.

the only viable approach at the moment is to collect payments on a transferwise borderless account and periodically transfer to revolut yourself, paying transferwise USD 4.60 for the swift transfer.

but considering the new plans introduced by :r: in many cases it’s cheaper now to just do the FX at transferwise anyway.


Hello community. I have a question to community as well as to Revolut people. I set up a Revolut account over Transferwise because after reading a lot of reviews Revolut just came up better. The problem arrived when I left to the US and wanted my paycheck to be transferred to my Revolut account. The US bank of my employer needed routing number and was not able to make the payment without it. After making research and realizing that Revolut does not provide routing number I was forced to create TransferWise which does provide it. I do not need two accounts so I am deciding which one to keep. My question is: is Revolut in the near future gonna provide routing number or some other way that would allow me to accept transfer from the US bank?

Unlikely if you aren’t a US resident.
Revolut’s policy regarding local bank account (besides GBP and EUR accounts) so far has been that it is only available to the residents of the respective country - if they even provide it at all.

Transferwise has proven to be a viable backup while also providing the local bank accounts. Topping up Revolut from TW is as simple as using the TW card and it is fee-free.

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I am not receiving the 6 digit access code need to use the App and sign up. Any help?

Are you on any national “don’t call or text without prior consent registers”?

also this happens sometimes when you have a VPN on (or at least it did with another app of mine)


I just noticed on the page about business plans they list local accounts in other currencies as a feature to come to paying customers.

so does that mean that US Revolut users could instantly sen money to European Revolut users? ^^ do you have a partner in the US or do you have your own bank? (because one of your competitor has a partner bank, which defeats the purpose IMO…)

They have a partner bank which is an FDIC member

so does that mean that instant money transfers between EU and US users is not a thing, right?

When it launches in the US I’ll see if it works instantly if I can convince my girlfriend to sign up