Revolut lands in Brazil! 🇧🇷

@k0varik Hello, Welcome to the community. :star2:

We appreciate your feedback and are actively working on enhancing our services in Brazil. While we can’t provide specific timelines, please know that your feedback is invaluable as we continue to expand and improve our offerings. :pray:

Veda | Community Team

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How about inviting the “6” Brazilians who are on this community to test new Brazilian specific features to provide a feedback on whatever is being tested, like seeing what is the most desirable feature near to be ready to focus and launching it first?


How about when the BRL balance will be usable with revolut card directly?

Having to convert it to another currency (paying 1.1% taxes) just to use the card isn’t the best option if revolut wants to be an everyday account in Brazil.

Brazil is a huge market for Revolut.

but I don’t see any commitment from Revolut to change this and actually start operations in Brazil.

Revolut Brazil Instagram doesn’t update anything, we hope for something new but we end up being forgotten by Revolut.


Revolut got their Brazilian banking license a few months ago, probably only after they migrate their accounts from Bexs to themselves that it may get possible.

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Hey, is there any news regarding this matter?

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Why do I receive e-mail notifications about this topic I never contributed to ?


Sono in attesa di ricevere documenti digitali per continuare la verifica identità che avverrà a fine mese. Non accettate la carta d’identità cartacea. Ho proposto la patente di guida che comunque è un documento accettato in tutto il mondo.

I am waiting to receive digital documents to continue the identity verification which will take place at the end of the month. Do not accept paper ID cards. I proposed the driving license which in any case is a document accepted throughout the world.

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You mean the charge back complaint?
I live chat with someone about two weeks ago that the goods finally arrived, thanks.

All good now.

Not yet, they are more quiet than my nieces when you heard something broken :disappointed: