Revolut keep a transfer illegally

Hi !
I have a big problem with Revolut. I received a transfer two days ago now. Revolut has received the money but still does not want to put it on my account despite all the documents sent following their request. Since I have no answer from them !! I pay premium service and the customer service is outrageous. They hold money on their account illegally that I do not have access…I wish to have an answer in the hour before going further

You mean you paid for the yearly premium package?

Yes exactly. I pay 10$ by month and I have no response…Revolut refuses to let me recover my transfer of several thousand dollars

Well you need to provide all the documents they asked for and they need to verify them.

I do agree however that a customer with a premium account should get a faster response (not that current response times are satisfactory for standard users either :smiley: ).

I sent all the necessary documents and since then I have no more answer! It’s scandalous

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When did you send them?

i sent documents 2 days ago…

Hopefully @AndreasK or @JessicaZ can chime in and shed some light.

Until then there is little point in getting all worked up :). It would have been better if you had raised your limit before the transfer, but on the other hand if you have premium package you definitely should get better response times.

I need my money today. It’s scandalous to keep the money like that … It’s been 48 hours that Revolut has 28k … How to become the first neo bank in Europe? This is the last time I use this service!

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@JessicaZ i pay 120$ by year ? its for that service ?

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I’d suggest to check your account limits beforehand and getting them raised ahead of any prospective big transfer when dealing with e-money institutions. They don’t work (and can’t work) exactly the same way as banks do :wink:

Disclaimer: no offense to anybody meant

Whenever I read these type for threads of people having a fresh account and instantly pumping in 1000s of $YourCurrenyHere I admire them for their trust.
Maybe it’s because I’m older than the average user here, but whenever I intend to give someone my money, I first try with small amounts, that don’t hurt the budget if lost or whatever.
I want to find out, if it’s all working and if there are any gotchas. And most of all, I have a look into T&Cs and others guides how the service works and what limits are in place.
Using this procedure I never ended up having to yell at support people (which I never do BTW) and get sleepless nights because my money is in „the cloud“


Hi @LevalloisJulien. You need to provide source of funds documents in order to increase your annual top-up limits. An agent has contacted you via chat, please respond at your earliest convenience.

Your tip is somewhat irrelevant since small amounts are handled differently from bigger amounts. Check the thread I started a few days ago.

P.S.: T&C don’t state when or why a transfer is going to turn out problematic.

My post is not about testing limits or transferring big amounts in general. It’s about if the basics of a service are working and also using common sense and caution before pumping all your money into a service you have known for 5 minutes.