Revolut Junior 🐥 — feature requests

About child’s IBAN, this is about the laws. IBAN is a real bank account. Kids cant have one. At least in my country.

Well in Lithuania and the UK, they can. Not sure which your country is.

But it shouldn’t be beyond the wit of Revolut to use the parent IBAN but with some additional feature such as putting the child’s name in the text field of the credit, would send the money directly to the child’s section fo the account (much as Building societies do when one pays money to one’s own account via their generic IBAN).

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I am completely amazed! I tried to find out what IBAN my son’s Junior Card has (btw no answer from support).
Your question apparently means that there is no IBAN for my son’s card. So only one parent can send money to a junior card?
What about birthday gifts from his aunt and uncle, grandfather, cousin, neighbour …


I would say for Revoulut Junior You Should Unblock a Couple Of Sites Like:, and then , Via Paypal. My Son Was Complaining About These Sites And He Really Can’t anymore buy himself games which were one of the points I got him the card so he could buy those games with the money he earns or he gets . I offer you taking a look at those sites and u will see that those sites is for games,expansion packs,helpers

I’ve 4 kids and won’t need all the metal features, but I’d to upgrade to metal to get junior cards for all my kids. That’s not cool :frowning:

After one year I found the following:

  1. It would be better to implement the posibility to let the children interact each other by letting them send money or collaborate for a goal without the approval of the parent. My kids are often buy stuff and ask me as a parent to withdraw to one and give it to other. Is not a difficult task but this could be easily done without the parent and after a certain moment it becomes irritating. The same is when they go buy food with the colleagues and they ask me to make money moves.
  2. Other thing is the impossibility to receive gifts from third party (uncles, cousins… even though they have Revolut accounts).
  3. It would be better to leave messages for the money transfers, either withdraw or adding. The kids can see the motive for the transfer.
  4. Having VISA, it was a good choice. Other colleague of mine had Mastercard and he often complaint that his kid cannot use it, most often the kid opts for ATM cash.
    4.1. I just received a message from Revolut, they are going to change my Junior cards. Why fixing a thing if is working? I really hope that they will give us VISAs.
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Hehe! Why not?
Imagine there are kids in recomposed families, you, your wife/husband, and ex-wife/husband who would like to continue tying the links with the kid.
It could be an interesting feature.

So a whole host of new features announced in August - but not one for Junior accounts. Who cares about the colour of physical cards ? Just make the service better:
Enable others to pay into Junior accounts (see how building societies do it as suggested above)
Enable a description field for transfers TO junior account
Enable pocket money to be monthly
Enable a child to be able to send money to the parent with a description field

And these are just the BASICS. If you really wanted to make Revolut junior a leading feature read the many posts above.

Please do something to make Junior accounts useful before Christmas- we’ve already been waiting 18 months!!

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Sending money from third party to Junior account (assuming that Junior account couldn’t have own IBAN)
What about sending money to parent account with a specific code (ID of the Junior account) in a ‘Reference’ section? And automating the transfer from parent’s account to Junior account on Revolut back-end.

Sadly I still can’t open new posts in this forum, so I’ll attach the request/idea to this one.

@Revolut : Do you plan to implement pockets too for junior cards / within junior app ? This would be a super helpful feature für our kids to learn and plan budgets with mones. USually due the kids spending behaviour and some abo’s the have running usually there’s still plenty month remaining at the end of money (or monthly limit)…So pockets would greatly help reserve money for the recurring payments and leranig kids a healthy spending (or saving) habit.

As tere slowly are coming up additional neobanks with kids cards…I’ll ost likely will move my account to the first neobank offering that feature, as I don’t want to tech my kids, how a card is a simple way to spend all the money with less control options, but want to teh them a healthy behaviour by blocking money for known or recurring payments in a simple way.

I really like the pockets in the “normal” revolut, I’d appreciate it a lot to see the same feature in the junior cards / junior app.

Would be nice if the kids also could have virtual cards. I have two kids but they turned down this idea, but I guess in the end one could add the plastic card to apple pay?