Revolut Junior 🐥 — feature requests


I think there should be a trusted contacts list here as quite alot of the family have revolut and for them to be added to a list so they could send a few bob to the childs card for going out with their friends or away on holidays or birthdays for example. Also it’s a shame thos wasnt thought of initially as only one parent/guardian can manage the Junior account.



Good morning, echoing a number of the suggestions here.

Firstly the junior card is a great idea, have ordered one for my daughter and she is very excited to receive it.

I understand the limitations of it being linked only to the one parent and I get that it does not have its own bank account or IBAN that family or friends can send money to but surely it is not too difficult to at least have a custom message that I can attach to each transaction. At the moment it just says from <>. I cannot even put from dad on it. It was her birthday recently and different family members sent her money. I cannot even add from Grandma or from Uncle Tom for example. This would be such a simple but yet massively beneficial feature. You can easily add a reference when making payment using the standard Revolut account.

The other main thing for me which has again been mentioned a few times is the currency exchange limitation. We live in Gibraltar but spend a lot of weekends in Spain. I get that any purchase in Spain she makes will have the appropriate conversion made but she should be able to do that herself. This was one of the main features that made me sign up to Revolut myself in the first place. She has just been learning about money and different currencies in school as well so this would also really help the learning experience.

Otherwise looking forward to the future updates. Hopefully the Junior app will receive the constant updates and improved features we are lucky to receive in the main app.

Best, Bryn


I think for Gibraltar, Revolut need to offer unlimited conversion for all customers between the Gibraltar Pound and euro at the very least, tbh

Wish I could disable/hide this. I don’t have any Juniors.


I agree. That Junior tab is wasting a lot of space on the front page. I get why it’s good to feature new things in the app prominently, but there should be a “dismiss” option to get rid of it, please :slight_smile: I have no “juniors” and will never open such an account.


Agree completely. Just opened two junior accounts for the kids. One is 16 and we live in Ireland, very close the the Northern Ireland border. We - and the 16 year old - spend as much in Sterling as we do in Euros - same for the kids. Having a handy way to manage her pounds and euros would be great - without the need for a separate account with another bank!


It would be great to give kids ‘interest’ (let’s call it additional rewards) for saving in the account, set and funded bu the parent. I don’t expect Revolut to pay the higher interest, the money should come from the parents’ account.

With interest rates so low, there is little incentive for kids to save. I’d love to be able to set up a monthly bonus based on how much they have saved.


Any chance of upping the limit to three kids for Revolut Junior on Premium accounts?


I agree on many of the requests, which seem obvious to be honest. Just a lot of the adult features on the kid account.

  • Vaults (I want my child to manage their own clothes shopping and budget, so the money for this should be separate until the time it is needed)
  • transfers from other (approved) accounts
  • more parents able to control the junior accounts
  • multible currencies
  • option for slightly less childish design on card

Really, give the kids more options to manage their money, rather than just seeing what they have spent money on.

Considering the time the Junior account has been out, I would have expected some update by now with more funtionality?


Just to elaborate a little; I have three kids and considering Premium to get junior cards. However, to get three I need to to go to metal at €13.99/m. costs €2.99/m per kid

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So is there any news about adding another parrent to junior account? Or other way arround, as you like ti :smiley: I know very few kids that have only one parrent so this is really big fail :frowning:


The ability to monitor & send money to Junior Account from both parents accounts is a must have.
Parents, even when married or living together, can have separate banks accounts. So ability to tie a Junior Account to another “parent” account is a must.
If/when parents get divorced or separated this becomes even more useful.
Eagerly waiting to be able to share this responsibility of managing our kids pocket money/allowance with my ex-wife.


I will second this.

Both my ex-wife and I have Revolut accounts and our children have Junior Accounts via MY account.

Last Friday, my ex-wife tried to send the kids some money by selecting their phone numbers from her contacts list within Revolut.

Each time, instead of just zapping the money instantly she was told that she was “setting up a payment link”!

On completion, the funds transmissions were listed as pending transactions due to complete the following Wednesday.

FIVE F*****G days are you sure???

Why on earth should it take so long when ALL accounts are under the Revolut Umbrellla???

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