Revolut Junior 🐥 — feature requests

There we go, Junior is available in most countries as of today. I am excited to see pictures of the actual card soon, the rendering on the website is weird.

I would say the feature set is already slightly more than a MVP, but one thing would hold me back as a parent: currently, a kid’s account is tied to one parent. But there should be an option for both (or even three :nerd_face:) parents to have control.

(Okay, three parents really is an edge case. So just ignore that. But it would be cool.)


@Frank I agree. Had exactly the same in my mind why only one parent can have access to the Junior account?

I am also curious about the card design. It would be good if we could choose from different designs especially if there are more kids in the family.

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I would like a way to do recurring transfers to my kids account.

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It would be awesome to have something like two different wallets. One for the kid free to use and spend on anything they like and one where they need adult permission to spend the money.


Hello. Can we now open an account for kids ?

Just ordered two revolut junior cards and had the same idea in mind. The mother also should be able to monitor the kids spendings and/or add money to their account.

So joining/inviting a second parent for monitoring the kids in his/her revolut account is a must have - especially if you are divorced (as I am) and therefor we live in separate places.

Please add this.

However I’m thrilled to test how revolut junior is working for the kids


Surely this is yet another example of the need for joint accounts? Obviously I am talking about partner accounts, but the same principles apply here too

I also don’t understand why Apple Pay is not available on Junior accounts. At the RevRally on 11th December 2018, children and parents gave strong feedback that they wanted to use phones and watches to make payments, not old-fashioned physical cards. Children tend to like modern technology, not old-fashioned methods. It’s a shame that Revolut, despite having the luxury of well over a year to implement Junior accounts, overlooked this feedback. One wonders why they had a RevRally to listen to feedback if they ignore the feedback.

I don’t understand why Junior accounts are limited to the parent’s base currency. What if I want to give EUR to my daughter to spend on a school trip to France? Despite my base currency being GBP, I wouldn’t want to give her GBP, as I have plenty of EUR. This unnecessary restriction defeats one of Revolut’s unique selling points.

  • Multiple parent control
  • Send receive money with friends, grandparent, etc that me as parent need to allow/deny.
  • Other card “looks”, The color of the card is more important for my 12year old daughter than for me. She want a rosegold color not blue with bubbles. That’s ok for a 7-10 year old.
  • Swish support in Sweden. No swish support here = no market in the long run. (Swish is way to send money cross banks in Sweden. It’s also a payment service like Visa. Some places only accept cash and swish here.)
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