Revolut Junior - anyone tried to set up this account for your kids???

When I scan the QR code it immediately says ‘’ Not working code detected’’ “Seems that you are scanning a code for another junior user” and its the first time trying to get it on the app. Is there anyone else who had and solved this problem?

hello i use an new android and apss updated , then no transparent word “junior” apear on my accoubt like you show.

Hi all,
Last week I have recieved a Junior card. At fortunately I can’t activate it. I tried to pay online but the payment wasn’t successful. I went to shop and I couldn’t paid, card wasnt accepted, I tried at AtM and Couple of times I have to insert and take card out while ATM is checking my card. In any situation I didn’t get to the stage where I have to put PIN. I even tried to swipe card but nothing. Can someone else had a same situation for activated Junior card. It’s very frustration that I couldn’t paid 2,3€ like I dont have a money( I made a huge queue in shop).
I went on web chat and Rita sent me activation tips which was exact everything I did and still nothing. My son needs to go abroad he is 8 and I cant give him a cash for 3 months staying there.
Thanx Vesna

It’s clearly written that the 1st transaction has to be using the PIN. It means you have to plug your card to the terminal. NFC, swipe won’t work.

My daughter (under 18) will be studying abroad in North America for 10 months. I need to send her a fixed allowance every month. Would Revolt Junior be an option in this case? If not are there any other options with Revolut?

My account was locked and no answer from chat for one week.

=> isn’t it very risky, to hand over a card to your child, with the idea to give your child access to money (having lunch at school, etc.), and then your account is locked with no feedback from support - leaving your child “out there” with no access to money, food, …???

[by the way, my daughter has been abroad for 4 months due to a school exchange-program (before corona started) - happy now, that I have not handed over a Revolut Junior card!!!]

Hi, can you please help me. I have 3 kids, I ordered one card already and I would like to order additional cards but I can not find how I can do that. I have a Metal account… but still it does not show anywhere. Thank you

Have you created account for each kid?

Hi all, I’ve just received my son’s Junior card and am trying to activate the app on his phone (a Samsung S6). I try and scan the QR code but the app just doesn’t pick it up. The camera turns on on my son’s phone and you position it over the QR code and it doesn’t do anything.

I can’t see any way to workaround this. I’ve tried taking a screenshot of the QR code and expanding it but it still doesn’t get detected. Any ideas or alternatives as it means the app is useless without this?


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Setup without any problem. Then I find out that junior is supported only through one parrent’s account so I am stuck with guarding and filling child’s card :frowning:
It’s weard that they didn’t think that children usualy have 2 parrents :smiley:

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I’ve been trying to link my son’s Junior App to my own Revolut App by using the QR code.

Unfortunately the camera reader on my son’s phone does not recognize the QR code (it doesn’t “flash” it). The phone is a XIAOMI REDMI running on MIUI 12 OS (Android 10) and other QR codes work perfectly in many other applications.

We’ve tried scanning the Revolut Junior code with different operating systems and it does work (for example on Oxygen OS), so the problem has to do with how the Junior App is calling the OS QR code detection routine in MIUI OS.

Is there any way to enter the information embedded in the QR code manually into the Junior App? It’s a bit problematic as there seems to be no alternative way of linking the two accounts besides through the QR code.

I just solved this on my son’s XIAOMI REDMI. The trick is to first open the generic QR scanning app, and give it the permissions to read and write to the image folder. Then you can scan the Revolut Junior code directly from the generic QR scanning app, or alternatively from the Revolut Junior App.

Hope it works for you too!

THat 's still not working here, i m in french polynesia.

If you are running into any issues with setting up the Junior account or would like to get all the latest ins and outs needed :wink: Head on over to the in-app chat where a support agent will be more than happy to help

@Revolut You allowed refugees from Ukraine to use the application! Thank you for that!
But the Revolut Junior app is not available in the store (Google Play) with Ukrainian settings.
Please add Junior app for Ukraine’s Google Play!

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