Revolut Junior - anyone tried to set up this account for your kids???

Afaik AMEX was the first with its transparent Blue cards.

getting a message on phone “please contact support for help with request” , anyone get passed it

Are the junior cards only available to premium members? When I go to choose junior card add it takes me straight to the upgrade options. I want a free one for my son

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Right now, it is available only for Premium customers :unamused:

I Have it working for my two kids. However, there is no Android app. Anyone know when the Android version will come ou?

They have a see through card?

There is already an app for UK users:

Just check the link I shared earlier in this thead :slight_smile:

Hi. What documents are required to set up the junior account?

I want to make sure I have the required documents for verification before I update to Premium.


None :slight_smile: You must provide your kid’s First Name, Last Name, date of birth. Then you can choose the gender and order a card with the desired image. (you can provide kid’s email too)


Yes. Ordered 1 premium for myself and 2 junior for kids. Pretty straight forward.

I received my Junior card for my Son today, downloaded the Junior app on his phone. To start we need to scan a QR, but this does not work. Anyone having the same problem?

I have set it up without any problem, but I am still waiting for a card :slight_smile:

Can anybody Lodge money into a junior account or just the guardian

As far as I can see- the guardian only

Wondered if anyone had issues with setting up a 2nd Junior account? I bought premium membership and seemed to be able to add the first junior account no problem. I now cannot find anywhere to add an additional junior account. Impossible to get online help either.

Have you tried to do it in here?

Hello i have Premium account but i Can’t Found junior on widget ? HELP Please My Apps os updated.

Have you tried to tap here?

I am having the same problem, there is no Add Junior button on my app, also running apple