Revolut Junior - anyone tried to set up this account for your kids???

I read that Revolut Junior account was launched. Anyone tried to set it up?

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Where did you read that?


My guess is that we need to wait for an updated app for it to appear.

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You are right. I was little excited to see this junior accounts though I am sure it will take time before we see it in US.

Right now, Revolut Junior is available to Premium and Metal customers in the UK.


Just set mine, but only from main app, haven’t downloaded junior one yet…

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Curious to know how this new product from Revolut works. Would appreciate if you can share your experience here.

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I was trying… I’ve made an account but wasn’t able to order the card because of number of card limit (3 on Premium plan)

umm. that’s kind of a bummer.

Card count should not affect junior accounts.

You can add 5 kids if you want.
I got 2 accounts set ,and both cards will arrive in couple days👌


Does the junior need an existing bank account?

Interesting feature which can also be useful to help relatives whose card was stolen/lost.
As the process to receive a new card would require couple days.
Keep up the good work!

you’re right. It shouldn’t affect junior CARDS (not account), but it does


No, you are topping up kid’s account from yours

I would escalate with :r: support.
I have 2 physical cards and ordered another 2 junior cards …

Ah, it’s a translucent design.

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well copied from the competition :rofl:
(photo from N26 website)

Here are two cards that were translucent before N26 even existed:

– IKEA Family (red, translucent, magstripe, great design!)
– American Express Blue (transparent)

I am confident there are more.

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I can’t seem to add a Revolut Junior Account to my Revolut. Any idea why that is ?