Revolut is the worst!!!


I have made multiple transfers into my Revolut account. And every single time I have to wait days and I never get the answers I’m looking for! I would NEVER recommend Revolut to ANYONE after all the absolute shit feedback I get when trying to figure out what is going on with my money! And I’m STILL waiting for answers!


But the money eventually arrives I assume. In which way are you transferring the money? Why havent you stopped using it after the first negative experience or at least the second one?


10 days for a transfer!! Bullshit!


You did not answer any question so I guess you just want to rant.


maybe it depends also on which currency, which country you live, and what bank you have?


I just told you! 10 days for it to arrive! When they tell me it’s max 8 days!
And I did a transfer again on Friday and still waiting for something to show. So I’m guessing it’s gonna be another 10 days. Every time I chat to someone they say the same thing! “It should be in your account tomorrow”


And I’m living in London and the transfer was made in London. So GBP to GBP


Revolut is not the worst. If you are not happy, dont use it. Simple as that.


Thanks for your awesome comment haha

I don’t wanna fucken use them but I need to wait for my transfers to be completed before I can stop it!

Cheers champ!


Finally some details. Well, a GBP transfer wont be SEPA but if it is within the UK (using the standard UK system) I would still expect it be faster than eight days, let alone ten.

Did you make sure it is a domestic transfer? I’d ask Revolut not only when it arrives but why it took so long, respectively also the bank you sent it from.


No problem :slight_smile: . You must be transferring millions since u have so many transfers :slight_smile: . Enjoy :wink: .


Doesn’t matter if it’s 100 million, 10 thousand or 10 pounds. I work hard for my money and get pissed off when it’s gone for ages and can’t be explained by the people I trust to deal with it!!


Well, as I said, did you make sure it was a domestic UK transfer? These should certainly not take more than a week. @AndreasK, any idea why that could be?


It does matter, sending high amounts will likely trigger security/anti-fraud systems.

Internal UK transfers generally take a few hours, from my personal experience it’s between 2 to 12 hours during the week.
SEPA transfers don’t generally take more than a few days.

There must be something strange with the amounts/your bank/your transfers … I hope you find answers as to why it is so slow.

Last, but not least:

Please don’t use that kind of language.