Revolut is live in USA

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Wow!!! 60K beta testers in USA. That’s an impressive start for Revolut :clap: :clap:

Is there an article or explainer for those of us who are UK customers of revolut, who also have a US base and have been waiting for it to launch there. What happens if I sign up for both, will there be two apps, will metal apply once or twice, etc… I had a look through the help guides and nothing about it.


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I am a dual citizen UK/US with bank accounts in both countries.

I have a UK based Revolut account and notice that you will not allow me to sign up for a US based Revolut account.

My only reason for trying to sign up for a US Revolut account is to avoid the 40 SWIFT transfer fee my US bank charges whenever I fund my Revolut US account.

Now that you have launched in the US, how will your US customers fund their Revolut accounts using a US bank (without incurring a similar fee) and will this route also be available to me as a UK Revolut customer?

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I’m a UK Citizen on assignment in the US for 3 years. I already have a UK-registered revolut.
I’ve just tried to change my home address to the US and it won’t let me - it sent me through to an agent on the app who simply said it wasn’t possible. She said I should make a new account in the US - that seems like a bit of a cop-out, plus, I’ve already paid for two Revolut debit cards.

Does this sound right?

Not having my Revolut card registered to my US address means I can’t use it for several things (including gas, food delivery, or anything where I’m required to provide a US billing address).


currently, you can fund Revolut account using US debit cards or direct deposit. Most of the banks don’t recognize Revolut partner bank routing number in US.

As you can see from my original post, I don’t think they will even let you get two Revolut accounts in your name.

When I tried to sign up for a US account, I got the message that I had a revolut account already (in the UK) and I was not able to proceed with the sign-up process.

Revolut charges a fee of close to 2% for using a debit card not registered in your home country.

There is no “direct deposit” option as far i can see.

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The only workaround for you would be using Transferwise that offers US local bank details in your name and then top up Revolut with the Transferwise card.


It sounds like there is quite a few of us in the same boat here. How do we get someone from Revolut to respond to these issues, surely they’re aware of the likes of us who are both sides of the pond…

I’d rather use the same company both sides but it’s looking like it might be simpler, bizarrely to use one of Revolut’s competitors or imitators on the US side. I am sure this isn’t something the company would want…?


Revolut announced that they want to provide local US account details for customers not residing in the US eventually, they are just not there yet.

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This is great news. But like several others in this theme, I have a UK Revolut account and can see no way of opening a separate USA Revolut account. This is clearly an issue and a business opportunity being missed at present. How do we do this?


I’d be curious if you find out any more about this. It gives you the option, but like it has been said, they said they are working on a solution for switching addresses while maintaining the EU account but can’t give a timeline on this feature.

Currently, Revolut doesn’t allow customers to have more than one account. The logic behind it is that you can’t be resident in two places at the same time. It’s a catch 22.

US accounts: main residency in the US mandatory.
UK/EU accounts: main residency in the UK/EU mandatory.

Not that it helps, I am in a similar boat as the other folks here except I have relocated to Canada instead of the US. I heard Revolut planned to launch in Canada so I subscribed to the email alerts, and recently got an email to be a beta user. I was planning to link my UK account with the Canadian, as I thought Revolut operated a global account that had multi currency accounts under it which could support multi citizen/residency/travel requirements. Now I have money in my UK account, and the only way I can take it out is through purchases… there must be another way.

Currently, you can’t have two accounts (in alignment with Revolut’s T&Cs). US and Canada are considered “different” accounts, since your main residency can’t be in both locations. So you might run into difficulties at some point when you keep both.

Ideally, they want to offer EU customers local accounts in countries like Canada, they are just not there yet.

If you’re not able to make a P2P transfer between your two accounts, I would use Transferwise to transfer funds.

I had EEA Revolut account and then I relocated to US. After discussing with Customer care, I understand that we can’t move the account and hence, I have to move funds and cancel the account and open a new US one. I cancelled the account but now, when I am trying to open a account in US. It is not opening. Please help!!

I am rersident in the UK (only) but have a bank account in the USA. I want to be able to transfer $ from the US bank into the dollar account on my UK Revolut card without incurring the SWIFT/IBAN charges which currently prevail. Is this capability going to be provided in the forseeable future?

Eventually it will be available but nobody knows how long it will take.
In the meantime use Transferwise (TW), top up the TW US local accout and use the TW card to top up Revolut.

The answer is to have a Monzo or similar account in the UK, and Revolut in the US, as you need a card tied to a zip code to buy gas at the pump rather than queue