"revolut is having trouble with google play services" (solved)

…I cannot update the app and keep getting a message similar to that above.

Just me? Any known solution to this?

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Personally I don’t see this issue. From what I can see on the internet it might be an OS issue. I don’t know if Revolut ever checks the forum, but what they will need is:

  • Phone model
  • Phone manufacturer
  • Android version

If you cannot update the app it seems like an issue with either Google Play Store, Play Services, or the OS. You ought to try and “Clear data” (not the cache) of the Play Store and Play Services and restart your phone, then updating the app.

Afterwards head into your phone settings > Security > Google Play System Update (if it exists on your phone) > click on it and check if it presents and update.

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Sweet! Clearing the data on Play Store app worked.

Thanks a lot!