Revolut is deleting posts


He warned that Revolut has deleted a post of mine where I questioned the value of using Revolut over weekends versus credit cards.

This is a particularly low level to stoop to. Rather n respond, Revolut has resorted to censorship.


I’ve only noticed your post now while looking for the thread about the AUD all-week markup. It turns out that one was also deleted, so I’ve just recreated it.

Staff are too busy to answer customers’ inquiries but apparently not too busy to delete posts where people complain about their issues not being attended to.

Whoever at Revolut is doing this is really clueless. The very reason companies have message boards is to keep most of the complaints in one place, where they can control the narrative to an extent.

If they censor everything here the discussion will just move elsewhere, where they can’t control it at all.