Revolut iOS Version 3.3 with IOS 10.1.1 (iPhone 6 plus) deletes all photos added to transactions.


After updating to version 3.3, ALL PHOTOS TAKEN/ADDED to the transactions ARE LOST! In other words, all documents are lost! An absokutely NO GO!


Hi @sia,

Can you please upload a few screenshots so we can take a closer look at what’s going on?


Screenshots won’t help. There s nothing to see anymore since the phtos added to any transaction are lost. So, it looks like you have never added one.


OK thank you. Could you please try to delete and reinstall the app?


Before I do that: Are pictures stored on the revolut server?


Could you please clarify if you’re referring to photos taken by you? Like receipts of your transactions? @sia


Yes, thats what I am referring to. Are the photos of my receipts stored on your servers after I added them to a transaction?


Ok thank you. Could you please let us know if you have deleted them from your phone? Or these photos are still stored on your Gallery?


I have deleted them from my phone after I have added them to the app. And since I am using revolut I could still see all receipts. So, they are either stored in the app or uploaded to your servers.

If they are stored in the app only, re-installing the app will delete all data. So, if it is just a bug that they are not displayed it shall be avoided to re-install the app because then the pics are definitely deleted.

In other words I do believe that it only makes sense to re-install the app if the pictures are stored on your server.


Ok thank you. I’m afraid you have lost them for ever, as the photos are only saved on your phone’s gallery.


Feature Request: Receipt Photo Uploading Feature?

Well, it is not that easy. I have tried to reproduce what I did.

a) open a transaction
b) tap on the add photo icon
c) tap on "take photo"
d) take a photo from the receipt
e) tap "use photo"
f) see that the photo has been added.
g) tap the X to close the transaction

I do NOT see any picture taken within the app in any of my folders. So, I need to correct myself: I did not delete any photos from any of my iOS photo folders because I cannot see any of the pictures there.

Because I did another test as follows:

a) open a transaction
b) tap on the add photo icon
c) tap "photo library"
d) choose a picture from “camera roll"
e) close the transaction
f) delete the photo from phones camera roll
g) delete the photo from phones"deleted” folder
h) open the same transaction again
i) an icon with an empty photo and a blue x appears (which is correct since I deleted the photo from the iOS photo folders)
k) click on the blue X to remove the photo
l) the icon disappears
m) close the transaction
n) re-open the transaction
o) the “empty photo icon” re-appears even deleted before

In the screenshot attached you can see the “blank icom” remaining as well as the photo I added to the transaction. As described in test 1, this photo does not show in any of the iOS folders.


Wow! Thank you so much. We’re now looking into it. Looks like a bug :bug:


Yes it does. I definitely want to know where the photos taken within the app are stored because I did not delete them.

Only after I know how it is programmed we will eventually know how to solve the problem.


Any news from the revolut team, please?


Also with the update to version 3.3.1 the historic pictures do not show anymore. Seems that the version 3.3.0 bug deleted all previous pictures added to transactions before version 3.3.0. Revolut team, I am asking you urgently to take more care about your customers data, please!