Revolut Insurance SCAM! Beware!


Was the contract cancelled because of legal reasons or as a commercial gesture of simplesurance?

In my opinion it would be better from a PR point of view to allow contracts to be transferred to a new phone or existing contracts be cancelled if you take out an insurance for a new phone.


Legal reasons, and I had to waste time sending ebay receipts proving that the phone is sold for real.

It’s only up to customer to decide if he wants a transfer or refund. And after reading only negative reviews, experiencing poor customer service myself, it’s clear that I don’t want have any business with a such company.


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We’ve contacted simplesurance as we would like to investigate this further. I would like to point out that cancellation must be made within 14 days and they’ve chosen to reimburse you out of good will.


Any service you sell directly or sell someone else’s service in a specific country you have to comply with the laws in that country and in my country there is no such thing as 12 month contract if i pay monthly and not getting anything in advance (sale, promotion, reduced price etc).

There should be a button to cancel starting with next month without any calls, emails and your good will.


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There’s plenty of ways to provide users with benefits.

For example, if the price is €120, but the company decides to allow you to pay it monthly at a cost of 10€ a month, you’re receiving the benefit of financing for a 1 year worth of insurance. Financing of payments is a preferential term itself.

You’re not renewing a 1-month subscription, but fractioning the payment. This is a crucial difference. Just as if you rented an apartment for one month but were offered to pay weekly for your convenience,

Therefore, of course, you can cancel anytime and you will not be charged anymore after the current period, which is one year.


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Elaboration on my previous answer:
The contract binds you to follow the English law on your relations with :r:.

I’m not a lawyer and my knowledge in law is limited, but this seems to be perfectly legal, according to Internet Banking and the Law in Europe: Regulation, Financial Integration and Electronic Commerce, Chapter 9: Applicable law and jurisdiction in cross-border electronic banking contracts


If you are doing business in another country you MUST follow the local law. Period.


You are using twisted logic. Sorry. This is nonsense of the highest order. In Denmark for example you are binded for maximum of 6 months, then you can cancel or switch. Still much better than this nonsense.

I can understand if someone opted to use this -13% promotion

then you would have a point.


However, you’re thankfully entitled to think, absolutely, whatever you want.


Do you understand what it says? Especially when UK is one foot out of EU. Funny how some people want it both ways when it suits them.


Tell that to

They bind your travel insurance for 1 year